An interview with Celia Graves

Blood Song by Cat AdamsBy Cat Adams

Good morning, listeners. This is Wendy Myers of KOL radio, the news source of Santa Maria del Luna. I’m speaking with Celia Graves, owner of Graves Protection Services, who was instrumental in the defeat of the greater demon that threatened crowds at Game 1 of the World Series in Anaheim.

KOL: Good morning Ms. Graves…may I call you Celia?

Graves: Celia’s fine, Wendy. Glad to be here.

KOL: I understand that, until just a few days ago, you were just an ordinary human, without any psychic or magical gifts.

Graves: You’re absolutely right. In fact, I was so ordinary that I nearly tested as a null in the standard grade school magical abilities tests. Of course, I didn’t know anything about my grandfather’s heritage at that point, so in my mind, I was just a vanilla human.

KOL: Wow. That’s pretty rare, to have no magical abilities and still be a bodyguard. How were you able to defend clients against vampires and other threats with no magic? I checked out your website, and you’ve guarded some pretty big names. Actors, top musicians and even royalty. You’re even one of the five star services on the Screen Actors Guild list.

Graves: [laughs] I’m a total gadget geek. I have quite the arsenal of magical weapons, detection tools, charm discs loaded with defensive spells, and, of course, blessed items. But in the end, it all comes down to brains in the real world. The point of being a bodyguard is to keep your clients out of situations where you’re forced to defend them.

KOL: I bet the fangs you’re sporting are some deterrent to trouble, too. Right? I mean, everyone’s afraid of vampires.

Graves: Actually, the fangs are one of the reasons I agreed to this interview. You’re right. Everybody is afraid of vampires and I want to state for the record that I’m not a vampire. The attack on me was unsuccessful. I’m still mostly human. I still have my mind and memories and can be out in daylight. I can walk on holy ground and wear blessed items—like the cross I have on today.

KOL: What about drinking blood?

Graves [sighs] I have never attacked another person and don’t plan to ever drink blood. I admit that it’s a struggle every single sunset, but no greater struggle than someone trying to overcome alcoholism or an eating disorder. It’s a daily fight, but one I’m winning.

KOL: Fair enough. So, what was it like to fight a demon? I saw the footage where it had a claw wrapped around your neck. I was terrified just watching the film. And you were still protecting the crown prince of Rusland, who was unconscious. That was…well, it was amazing!

Graves: Terrifying is right! I’m just grateful for the people who helped. And that brings me to the most important thing I want your listeners to know. People died that day, protecting our residents and visitors to California. I was nearly one of them. If you have the chance, take a second to thank a cop or a warrior cleric because this isn’t over. Not by a long shot. As the old saying goes…something wicked this way comes.

KOL: Oh. Um…you really think so?

Graves: I don’t think it. I know it.

Blood Song, first book of The Blood Singer by USA Today bestselling author Cat Adams (the new name for the award winning team of C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp), coming June, 2010 from Tor Books. Order it today so you know how to fight the future.


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