Lucky Stiff receives a starred review from Booklist!

Lucky Stiff by Deborah Coonts gets a starred review in this month’s print edition of Booklist.

Below is the full review:

Lucky Stiff: With a mother who runs a bordello, a boyfriend who’s a female impersonator, and a job as a “problem solver” for her father’s luxurious Babylon Resort and Casino, Lucky O’Toole is quintessential Vegas. Rounding up a swarm of bees that escaped from an exhibit and helping District Attorney Daniel Lovato, who is stranded naked in a hotel closet, are all in a day’s work. But Lucky’s life gets even more complicated when Evelyn Wabash “Numbers” Neidermeyer is dumped into Mandalay Bay’s shark tank. Numbers was last seen alive at the Babylon, and, worse yet, Lucky’s good friend Jeremy Whitlock, an ace private investigator, is the prime suspect. Fast-paced, witty, and full of colorful characters, Lucky Stiff is a sure bet to be a readers’ favorite. Although this works as a stand-alone novel, Coontz’s hilarious tale, so full of delicious details you can almost hear the slot machines, is actually the second book in the Lucky O’Toole series (Wanna Get Lucky?, 2010). Libraries will definitely want both titles.

What others are saying about Lucky Stiff:

“[A]s lively and endearingly wacky as Wanna Get Lucky?”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Very much in the spirit of Carole Nelson Douglas’ Midnight Louie mystery series (sans talking cats), Coonts covers similar Sin City territory with a dash of CSI and Janet Evanovich in her second glitzy, lighthearted novel featuring Lucky O’Toole.”
—Publishers Weekly

Lucky Stiff
Coonts, Deborah (Author)
Feb 2011. 368 p. Forge, hardcover, $24.99. (9780765325440).