Genre for Japan auctions from Tor Books

To support the relief efforts in Japan we’ve donated several items to Genre for Japan for auction.  You can preview the items on Genre for Japan‘s website.  Bidding will begin on March 28th.

Tor author Steven Gould has also donated an ARC of his upcoming novel 7th Sigma and if the bidding exceed 30 pounds, he will write the buyer as a named character in his current novel, Impulse.

About Genre for Japan:

Genre for Japan was set up by members of the speculative fiction community with one goal: to do what we can, however small.

From 28th March 2011, we will be auctioning special, rare and unique items donated by people who love genre just as much as you do.

All proceeds from the auctions will go to the Japan Tsunami Appeal run by the British Red Cross. In the interests of transparency, we will be posting full details on a separate page on the site as we progress.