Announcing Independent Bookseller Picks on

NEW YORK, NY (October 5th, 2011) – is pleased to announce “Independent Bookseller Picks”, celebrating the best independent bookstores and their recommended reading list of great genre fiction. The careful hand selection of titles that has always distinguished independent bookstores is available online as begins a new series which will, every month, highlight a bookstore and share a list of the genre titles they are excited about.

When the bestseller list just doesn’t have quite what you are looking for, or when you can’t seem to find the book for you through the forest of what is available, home-grown bookstores and the dedicated bookies therein are here to save the day. Each month we’ll get to meet a new store, both in the US and abroad, and receive a guided tour of what they are excited to have on their shelves—no longer will the sage advice from these dutiful curators of fiction be limited to the walls of their shops!

“Independent bookstores are valuable because they are so much a part of the communities they live in, readers get to know and trust their opinions based on relationships over time,” says Irene Gallo of  “Now that our sense of community can easily span the globe, we are excited to help smaller shops extend their sphere of influence by introducing them to as broad an audience we can—inviting readers to interact with stores regardless of where they live. And we hope that our readers join in and talk about their own favorite local bookstores.”

Join us in the coming months as we travel far and wide for the best Indies in the business:

  • Borderlands , San Francisco, CA
  • Book People, Austin, TX
  • Forbidden Planet, London, UK
  • Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA
  • University Press, WA
  • Bakka Books, Toronto, Canada
  • Powells, Portland, Oregon

The introduction will be posted on Wednesday, October 5th at 9am EST with posts following each month.  Kicking thinks off will be recommendations from Alan Beatts of Borderlands, San Francisco’s home for science fiction, fantasy, and horror books. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share with the readership of the books that excite our staff and customers as well as being appreciative of the privilege of being associated with such a great site.”

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