Tor Bookstore Featured by Crain’s New York Business

Tor’s recently announced e-bookstore has been featured in an article by Crain’s New York Business!

Macmillan’s e-book gambit

By Matthew Flamm

Squeezed into the northern crook of the Flatiron Building, the oddly shaped offices of Macmillan’s powerhouse science-fiction division make a fitting setting for a publisher that has often zigged when others zagged. Tor/Forge Books, which already runs an unconventional website, will soon be the first mainstream publisher to open an e-bookstore.

It will also soon become the first major house to strip its e-books of anti-piracy software. Without digital rights management, or DRM, e-books from sci-fi and fantasy imprint Tor and thriller publisher Forge can be read on any device, as well as shared—one reason their tech-savvy readers and authors have been pushing the change for years.

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