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The Rithmatist Sweepstakes

The Rithmatist Sweepstakes

The Rithmatist Sweepstakes

Rithmatist prize pack

The Rithmatist releases May 14 but we have a chance for you to win one of six advance reading copies now. And that’s not all, winners will also get a Rithmatist goody bag filled with chalk and a Memory of Light backpack! Comment below to enter for a chance to win.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. You must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C. to enter. Promotion begins April 1, 2013 at 9 a.m. ET. and ends April 5, 2013, 12:00 p.m. ET. Void in Puerto Rico and wherever prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules go here. Sponsor: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.

1,624 thoughts on “The Rithmatist Sweepstakes

  1. Wow – this is a wonderful prize, and a neat opportunity to read the book now! Thanks for offering us this chance!

  2. omg i love brandon sanderson, i was so happy when he was chosen to finish robert jordans work and can’t wait to read the next book!!

  3. Love these books, just got done with the wheel of time! Can’t wait to read more.

  4. I would love to win this! Love Brandon Sanderson’s writing and a swag prize would be awesome!

  5. This looks awesome, especially the backpack and chalk bag, as those won’t be on sale in the bookstores. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. I hope this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. πŸ™‚ I would live to win this!

  7. I’m looking forward to reading The Rithmatist with my step-daughter!!! Really hoping that this series can help make her a Sanderson fan so I can introduce her to his other works and gives us something to share!!

  8. We love you Brandon Sanderson! I’ve got my fingers crossed, can’t wait to see if I win!

  9. Avid reader, and once I find a good author’s name, I attach like a leech and take it for all I can. I’d love to be a mooch as well as a leech! Woo! Freebies!

  10. I just finished the digital ARC of this yesterday and it was “DUSTING”! I would love to have a print copy and the swag. This was my first Brandon Sanderson novel but it won’t be the last.

  11. I bought AMOL the day it came out but I havent read it yet. Main reason: I dont want it to be over! Wish Harriet would let Brandon write Tam’s story, Tigraine’s story to learn more about Rand’s parents. Even Lews Therins whole story. The Rithmatist sounds interesting. I am reallu excited for the stormlight archive book two also.

  12. I am totally taken in by all the worlds that Brandon Sanderson writes in. I would be extremely pleased if I won this contest.

  13. The past few months have been dedicated to a full read-through of the Wheel of TIme, and now that I’m nearing the end I am looking forward to getting into his other works.

    Thanks for the great times!

  14. It would be awesome to win, but I never do on these things (reverse-reverse jinx).

  15. I would love to win this and share it with my classes!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I can’t wait, this is such a cool prize, I love Brandon Sanderson’s works and would love to win these amazing prizes:)

  17. This is a great prize. I would be the envy of the entire street if I had that backpack.

  18. As someone who has rabidly read and followed the entire corpus of both Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanders, this would be excellent.

  19. I never win contests, but I would like to win this one. probably by it on kindle no matter tho

  20. Great givaway idea. Sanderson is one of my all time favorites. Read the preview of this one, looks… interesting. Looking forward to the release. Hurry up with Stormlight 2.

  21. I haven’t read a new book by Brandon in so long, I am experiencing withdrawal effects. A copy of The Rithmatist would do nicely to get me my fix.

  22. As a long-time WoT fan, and a more recent fan of Sanderson’s works, I’d love to win this.

  23. I don’t know how many times i can say this, but Brandon Sanderson is a writing genius. He is main influence on my writing.

  24. Sanderson is knocking books out; Rithmatist, Steel Heart, and Stormlight 2 on the way. Can’t wait.

  25. love all of sanderson’s stuff, would be so happy to get my hands on this one early =)

  26. What could be a better distraction when waiting for Stormlight 2 than another Sanderson book!

  27. I’ve been a huge Brandon Sanderson fan since the Mistborn Trilogy. It would be awsome to win his newest work. Would hold me over until the next Stormlight novel πŸ™‚

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  29. If I had to emulate myself off one professional writer it would be Brandon. Guy seems like a class act.

  30. I look forward to reading the book. And I hope the contest isn’t an April Fools day gag.

  31. How does Brandon Sanderson continue to churn out amazing one amazing tale after another? Cudos Mr. Sanderson!

  32. Brandon is simply the best Fantast / Sci-Fi writer currently writing, just when you think he can’t get any better he publishs another book to blow you away.

  33. What an amazing opportunity! Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author and I can’t wait to get my hands on this book.

  34. This is awesome. Kids in the house will love the book (after I devour it) and the backpack will make my friends jealous!

  35. Ah the Rithmatist. The Rithmatist is not the beginning. There are no beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it is a beginning…

  36. Brandon did a great job with the wheel of time series! I was very grateful that he did such a great job. I would love to be included in this contest!

  37. never been disappointed by ANYTHING he’s written…our favorite author. Pick us!!!!

  38. I didn’t know him from Adam before he helped the deceased Jordan on WOT and was sufficiently impressed that I read his alloy series, which was okay, but really really enjoyed the old west book in the universe whose name excapes me.

  39. Advance copy of a Sanderson book plus extras? Can’t get much better than that…

  40. This is an awesome prize, I can’t wait to read The Rithmatist, advance copy or not.

  41. What a treat this would be! I’ve not had the pleasure yet of reading any of these books and they are on my To Read list. Such a great gift package for a lucky winner. Good luck to all who enter.

  42. Another contest, another fun looking goodie bag. Might as well try again, eh? πŸ˜‰

  43. Thank you for giving back at every chance, from random airport book store and hotel lobby signings, to keeping an honest self managed online presence.

  44. Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors! Would LOVE a copy of this book. But I what I really need is the 2nd volume of the Stormlight Archive. I’ve read Way of Kings at least 6 times already waiting for book #2.

  45. I still really want that backpack. Plus I really like everything that I’ve read of his.

  46. Brandon Sanderson is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. This is a great prize for any fan if his.

  47. I’m a huge Sanderson fan. I have read all of the books of his I’ve found with the exception of the ones in the Wheel of Time series, but I’m currently reading through them (on The Path of Daggers) and can’t wait to get to the ones Brandon has written.

  48. Brandon did such a great job in collaboration with Robert Jordan on finishing the WOT series that I can’t wait to start involving myself into another well written story.

  49. I would even pass on the backpack, if that gives me any extra points towards winning!

  50. This would be awesome. I still teach on a black board so this would be a great conversation starter as to why I have my own chalk bag. Always looking for a chance to convert teenagers to good reading.

  51. Hmmm … to enter, or to wait ’til I can pre-order a signed copy …

    Why not both!

  52. Gotta love all of Sanderson’s work, I hope this one is just as good as his other books!

  53. Pretty please!! Even though I REALLY want is “Words of Radiance,” I know “The Rithmatist” will not disappoint. Mr. Sanderson always delivers!

  54. Looking forward to this book to help pass the time until the second book of Ways of Kings :).

  55. I love Brandon Sanderson’s books and would love to get an opportunity to read it a month early even more.

  56. Wait … not just a goodybag, but a backpack. And chalk. Oh yeah, and a book, too!! (WHich is probably appropriate, considering who’s sponsoring this contest …) I haven’t read Sanderson as yet, but look forward to the opportunity.

  57. Looks awesome, I’ve really enjoyed Brandon’s Mistborn books, and felt he did a great job finishing WOT.

  58. Big fan of Mr. Sanderson. His original works are great, and he’s done a fantastic job bringing Wheel of Time to a conclusion. Not many people could have stepped in and filled Robert Jordan’s shoes.

  59. Super excited for the new book!! I haven’t found one of his yet that I didn’t love! And a WOT backpack, sweet goodness!! Good Luck to everyone!

  60. Some books you choose by the cover, some by the title and some by the author. I never pass up a chance to read a book by Brandon Sanderson.

  61. Another goody from Brandon that I can’t wait to read. a WOT backpack would make me the envy of all the other warders.

  62. Have not read this author before but am an avid reader and always looking for new authors to try.

  63. I have been looking for one of these back packs all over. Seems you can only find them in drawings. *fingers crossed*

  64. Since it is being released on my birthday, don’t I automatically win? Anyway, I can’t wait for any book from Brandon Sanderson.

  65. I am just reading “The Way of Kings” now and am looking forward to the next book.

  66. I am always looking for interesting books for my high school library and book club students! I hope I can win a preview copy! Thank you!

  67. I would love to receive this. Would love to share it with my 12 year old daughter as well!

  68. Oh, wonderful! I’m sure that Rithmatist is an excellent book, and I’d love to read it.

  69. Awww as usual it’s only for those in the US and D.C. πŸ™ I do wonder when will then include international fans… And I’m willing to shoulder the shipping cost if that’s the issue (I wish!).

  70. As soon as I found out he would be finishing WoT, I ran out and bought everything he had written for “research” purposes. Now he is by far my favorite author. I am looking forward to his books this year and love that he is not only prolific, but every book has been amazing so far. I’m looking forward to devouring The Rithmatist and see if it continues the trend!

  71. Done WOT :-(, but looking forward to reading anything Sanderson puts out. Way of the Kings is already on it’s way from Amazon.

  72. I love chalk and books and Brandon Sanderson and the Wheel of Time I’m just so excited yay!

  73. Holy smokes, I would LOVE to win this prize, Robert Jordan is my favorite author and I am a huge WoT fan, I have all of the books in all the formats that have been released, the computer game, RPG game, the CCG and shirts from Tavern Tees. Brandon Sanderson is my favorite living author, I was able to meet him in Houston in 2011 for his Alloy of Law tour, he is a fantastic author! I would love to win this!

  74. Ooh!! I’m super excited for this! The bit he has on his website make it seem really great, as all of his other books are. πŸ™‚

  75. Brandon is my favorite author of all time. I’m on the last WoT book at the moment and have already read the way of kings. I’d love to win this.

  76. I think I’m falling in love with Mr. Sanderson…..just don’t tell my husband.

  77. I’ll bite,
    Not sure about YA books . . . it depends a LOT on the author when you’re an adult but I’ve read everything else from Sanderson so . . . .

  78. The final book to TWOT was amazing but I need more! Sanderson did a great job! Can’t wait to read more of his work!!

  79. Looks like a good book … and the wrap up of WOT is all the recommendation it needs.

  80. Just picked up Way of Kings, would love to see what else he’s got in store with this!

  81. Everyone in my house loves Brandon Sanderson. My daughter has grown up with the Alcatraz books. She’s fiending for Alcatraz 5, but The Rithmatist will be a very fine substitute in the meantime.

  82. Brandon always does a nice job with his magic systems. I’m very curious to see what he’ s come up with here, especially if it’s actually math based.

  83. I’m Sanderson-crazed and would be over the moon if I’m a winner! Can’t wait to read The Rithmatist… one way or another. πŸ™‚

  84. Brandon Sanderson is awesome! Love how he creates magic systems! Can’t wait till the next stormlight book comes out!

  85. I loved all of his work in helping to finish the series and look forward to reading his new book. Send a package my way please

  86. WOW! Not surprised by all the comments here! This one is a great one!! Thanks.

  87. Loved the Mistborn books and Wheel of Time series, can’t wait for this to come out!

  88. I would love to win this! I’m torn between which is better – the Rithmatist book or the Wheel of Time backpack … decisions, decisions. (doesn’t matter, since if I win I get both!)

  89. Love love love Brandon’s books. Would love to get my Hands on this one a little early!

  90. I love Brandon Sanderson and this book sounds cool! Hoping this isn’t an April Fool’s prank!

  91. Can’t wait to read this book! And a great contest to hopefully help with that! =)

  92. Must have please! Perfect for bulking up the defenses against wild chalklings. And aMoL backpack too! Greatest prize package ever!

  93. Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author. I love all the books he’s written and would love to read this one!

  94. Read all his works so far and loved them! Looking forward to more to read!

  95. I have every one of Brandon’s novels thus far and I love his literary style. I followed the WOT journey for 11 years and this prize would mean a lot to me as an avid RJ and BS fan! I hope to also follow Brandon’s characters for years to come.

  96. I am so excited about this book! I’ve read the first little blurb that was posted awhile back, and it just sounds like another wonderfully exciting Sanderson story with another fantastic magic system! Who cares if it’s categorized as “young adult” – that just means it can be enjoyed by more people, not that us older folks can’t join in the fun! πŸ˜€

  97. Woooohooo! I am SO ready for a new book by Brandon Sanderson! I would be PSYCHED to win this package. <3

  98. After reading the first Stormlight Archive book, and reading Alcatraz with my kids, and starting Mistborn, how could I possibly not enter a contest for a new book from Sanderson?

  99. Listen up everyone this is an APRIL FOOLS JOKE dont fall for it if any of your friends see your post they will make fun at you

  100. I’ve become a fan of Sanderson after reading The Way of Kings. Ready to check out some other works of his!

  101. It would be great so win a copy of this! I’ve been wondering where this story will head πŸ™‚

  102. Been excited to read this book since he teased it on his website under the name Scribbler!

  103. This would be a dream come true. This contest ends 1 day before my birthday. Crossing fingers and toes!

  104. I’ve got three (yes, three–one for me, one for my daughter, one for my mother) of these pre-ordered, but I would LOVE to get an early copy!!!

  105. I love how he treated the Wheel of Time series and would love to see his own work that won him the honor.

  106. I sure would like to win this I love books and reading plus i never win anything, though not for lack of trying.

  107. Wow, this looks amazing. I just finished the Emperor’s Soul and am craving more.

  108. A chance to read another Sanderson book early while we wait for Words of Radiance to come out!? sign me up!

  109. I love Brandon Sanderson. I’ll ready anything he writes. Reading it sooner would be sweet.

  110. I would love to read this book and leave reviews for it! I really want to win it!

  111. I would love to win the book as well, I’ve read every book in my book shelf and can’t afford any books at this time. I’m getting sooooo bored.

  112. So… couldn’t write a plugin for wordpress to reuse logins here? πŸ™‚

    I’d say i was j/k but really, i’m not. Please don’t hold it against me.

  113. This is such a great giveaway! I’m such a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson and of the Wheel of the Time. I would absolutely love the chance to read one of his books before it actually releases! Not to mention the back pack and the chalk! Too great!

  114. Not only is he a prolific author of quality prose, and not only is he a gaming nerd, but he’s also a really nice guy.

    I’ve bought everything else he’s written. Rithmatist is already on pre-order. But I’d love to get it few weeks early.

  115. I’m so excited for this new book (for any new Sanderson book, to be honest), but what’s so cool about this giveaway is the BAGGIE FULL OF CHALK! WANT!

    Seriously… sell these things, somebody! Please! I have a niggling feeling that they’d proooobably sell pretty well. *nodnod*

  116. Just got hooked on the Wheel of time series! its been a long time since I started reading them I hope He keeps up with the rest of his books!

  117. Pick me first. I would love to win to read (as I already live to read).

  118. I LOVE Brandon Sanderson!!!! Can’t wait to read the new book!!! Just finished A Memory of Light and I am still having a book hangover from it!!!

  119. Hoping for April Fool’s Luck! Brandon brought WOT home so nicely – would love a chance to read The Rithmatist!

  120. Sanderson is an amazing author with such a creative mind. I love how he creates a new magic system for every book series he writes.

  121. Can’t wait to read this book. Sanderson has been on a seriously good roll lately!

  122. I am posting again so i can change my email preference. And I still want to win this.

  123. Wow! I love reading Brandon Sanderson’s books. I will definitely be picking up the book day one regardless if I win or not.

  124. Please, please, please, I want the book and the bag. Sanderson is wonderful.

  125. Even if I did not win this is a book I would love to read this book, reminds me a little of David Eddings…

  126. Brandon is my favorite author. Any chance I can have to read one of his books sounds good to me.

  127. I’m always interested in discovering new authors to read. This sounds like a great contest.

  128. This is a great price. Sanderson is such a good writer. Even if I don’t win the book, I will be reading it.

  129. You guys just know how to get a book nerd’s attention!!!! πŸ™‚

  130. Love Brandon Sanderson, can’t wait to read this new series. Would be even better to get a pre-read, goodies sound great too!

  131. The winner doesn’t have to use the chalk to solve complicated math problems, right? Because (a) I don’t have a chalkboard and (b) I can’t do math.

  132. I love sanderson’s world creation and magic systems! I recommend his books to adults all the time, and now, as a Young Adult Librarian, I am glad I have something of his to recommend to teens!

  133. Definitely looking forward to the Rithmatist! I’ve yet to read a Sanderson novel that I haven’t enjoyed.

  134. I always love me some Sanderson. I would love to be able to read this book, to add it to the things I’m always enthusing to my friends about!

  135. I’d be happy to win such a grand prize, love the Wheel of Time and Brandon Sanderson.

  136. I became a fan of Brandon when he was chosen to write the Wheel of Time Series after Robert Jordan died. I immediatly fell in love with Mistborn and am intrigued by Way of the Kings. I can’t wait to read more.

  137. I started reading the Wheel of Time back in the early 90s. I ran across Brandon Sanderson when I picked up Mistborn at my book store more or less randomly. I thought the marriage of the two was awesome and now I read all his new stuff. He’s one of the great authors in his domain.

  138. I’m addicted to Sanderson books, I’ve read his entire collection and can’t wait for more!

  139. Saw the backpacks at the Memory of Light signing in Charleston. Very nice looking

  140. This is such a great promotion. Brandon Sanderson is a fantastic writer! I hope I win this!!!

  141. This seams like a very cool world to read about. I would love to win a advance copy of this book.

  142. I can’t wait to read this–but sooner would definitely be better than later!

  143. A book to read while nursing and a bag to carry all of the baby stuff around in…all I need is a use for the chalk and I’m sure the book would give me plenty of ideas.

  144. Sounds like a plan! I’ve enjoyed all of Sanderson’s work that I’ve read to date

  145. I am so jealous of Brandon’s ability to create new worlds and magic systems. His imagination is inspired.

  146. Brandon did a great job with WoT series taking over for Jordan! Decided to read some of Brandon’s other work and was THRILLED found a new author. Read way of ‘The Way of Kings’, and of course Brandon left me wanting more.

  147. The chances of winning aren’t so great, are they? But here’s to more Sanderson!

  148. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome and will be a lucky man who win πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚