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Starred Review: The Incrementalists

Starred Review: The Incrementalists

Placeholder of  -75“…beautifully written and satisfying.”

Steven Brust and Skyler White’s The Incrementalists got a starred review in Library Journal!

Here’s the full review, from the October 1st issue:

Image Placeholder of - 1 Brust (Tiassa>) and White (In Dreams Begin) craft an engaging speculative fiction novel that is as much magical realism as urban fantasy. The Incrementalists are quasi-immortals who work behind the scenes, not to control the world but simply to make it better. They store information in a shared metaphorical construct called “the Garden, somewhat akin to a memory palace in which hundreds can partake. In order to ensure their continuation, they pass along memories from members who have died to new recruits. Phil has guided Ren through the ritual to accept the memories of Celeste, but, in an unprecedented move, Celeste has altered the process and hidden herself from Ren. Phil must summon other senior Incrementalists so that, together, they can search the Garden for Celeste and, if need be, counter whatever plans she has made. A gunshot rings out, someone is poisoned, and two people fall in love in the real world (i.e., Las Vegas) while much of the rest of the “action” takes place in metaphor.

Although there is no hint of the Hungarian folklore that plays a role in Brust’s popular series about the assassin Vlad Taltos, the novel has many other qualities that will satisfy Brust’s fans. Unusual but beautifully written and satisfying.

The Incrementalists will be published on September 24th.

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