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Space Opera eBooks Now on Sale

Space Opera eBooks Now on Sale

Space Opera ebook sale

We are celebrating space operas this month with a special ebook promotion! Seven titles are now available for just $3.99 each. This sale ends May 8th.

Bowl of Heaven by Larry Niven and Gregory Benford

The limits of wonder are redrawn once again as a human expedition to another star system is jeopardized by an encounter with an astonishingly immense artifact in interstellar space.

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Earth Unaware by Orson Scott Card and Arron Johnston

Earth Unaware fills in the history of the Ender Universe with a pulse-pounding tale of first contact gone horribly wrong.

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Empress of Eternity by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

In the far future, a massive canal more than 2,000 miles long spans the Earth. Nothing can affect it. Scientists from three different civilizations are investigating the canal, but plots are brewing. The scientists lives are about to be changed beyond belief.

Buy Empress of Eternity: B&N Nook | | Google Play | iBooks | Kindle | Kobo


A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge

Fleeing from a threat, a family of scientists, including two children, are taken captive by an alien race with a harsh medieval culture. A rescue mission, not entirely composed of humans, must rescue the children—and a secret that may save the rest of interstellar civilization.

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Hellhole by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Only the most desperate colonists dare to make a new home on Hellhole. Reeling from a recent asteroid impact, the planet is a dumping ground for undesirables, misfits, and charlatans…but also a haven for dreamers and independent pioneers.

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The Price of Stars by by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald

The war with the Mageworlds is over. Now it’s time for the real struggle to begin. Freebooter at heart, spacer by trade, Beka pilots spacecraft–as far from her famous family as possible, thanks very much.

Buy The Price of the Stars: B&N Nook | | Google Play | iBooks | Kindle | Kobo


Sun of Suns by Karl Schroeder

The world known as Virga is a fullerene balloon three thousand kilometers in diameter, filled with air, water, and aimlessly floating chunks of rock. Enter Hayden Griffin, a man bent on avenging the murder of his parents…

Buy Sun of Suns: B&N Nook | | Google Play | iBooks | Kindle | Kobo


4 thoughts on “Space Opera eBooks Now on Sale

  1. Are these books being sold DRM-free? I didn’t see that mentioned on either the Google Play or Amazon Kindle store entries for “A Fire Upon the Deep”

    1. All Tor/Forge ebooks should be DRM-free. If you find DRM on any of our ebooks, please let us know so we can talk to the retailer and get it removed!

  2. Love the “Mageworlds” series by Doyle & MacDonald! Still waiting for Commodore Gil’s adventures…

  3. Does this sale also apply in the UK? Amazon in the UK seems to be charging much more.

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