William Forstchen Discusses EMP on The Blaze

One Second AfterWilliam Forstchen, renowned EMP expert and author of the New York Times bestseller One Second After, detailed the risk of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse attack on the U.S. in an op-ed on The Blaze:

“A quick definition: a high energy EMP is generated by detonating a relatively low-yield nuclear weapon above the earth’s atmosphere. The gamma ray burst at the instant of detonation creates a cascading electrical disturbance in the atmosphere which races down to the earth’s surface. Every wire that crisscrosses our nation – be it the line from the power pole to your house, up to the large high tension lines radiating out from generating plants – will act like antennas, pick up this electrical overload and take out the transmission and generating systems connect to those wires. In many cases the wires themselves will melt down due to the energy overload, while a significant percentage of vehicles will short circuit as well.” [Full article on The Blaze.]

The article, written in preparation for a Glenn Beck documentary on EMP premiering February 17 on The Blaze’s “For the Record” TV program, references evidence he used to write his acclaimed novel, which focuses on an EMP-powered war in the U.S.

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