The Assassin’s Game ebook is now on sale for $2.99

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Pick up the ebook edition of Assassin’s Game by Ward Larsen, on sale for only 2.99. This offer will only last for a limited time, so order your copy today! The next David Slaton thriller, Assassin’s Code, will be available on August 22nd.

About Assassin’s Game: David Slaton has a good life. He has a new wife and a house in the Virginia suburbs. But he also has a dark past. Slaton is a former kidon, the most lethal Israeli assassin ever created.

After decades of work, a brilliant scientist has taken Iran to the threshold of its dream—a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile. Mossad must eliminate the man, but with a spy lurking high in its ranks there is only one option: bring back Slaton. The kidon has vowed to never kill again, but when his wife is attacked and forced to flee across Europe, events force his hand.

Slaton plots to assassinate one of the most closely guarded men on earth. Success is improbable. Survival unlikely. Only when he learns the labyrinthine truth does Slaton see one high-stakes chance. A chance for an assassin’s game . . . .

Buy Assassin’s Game here:

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This sale ends August 4th.