John Scalzi’s Head On Sweepstakes

We want to send you an advance copy of John Scalzi’s upcoming novel Head On, the sequel to Lock In!

About Head On:

John Scalzi returns with Head On, the standalone follow-up to the New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed Lock In. Chilling near-future SF with the thrills of a gritty cop procedural, Head On brings Scalzi’s trademark snappy dialogue and technological speculation to the future world of sports.

Hilketa is a frenetic and violent pastime where players attack each other with swords and hammers. The main goal of the game: obtain your opponent’s head and carry it through the goalposts. With flesh and bone bodies, a sport like this would be impossible. But all the players are “threeps,” robot-like bodies controlled by people with Haden’s Syndrome, so anything goes. No one gets hurt, but the brutality is real and the crowds love it.

Until a star athlete drops dead on the playing field.

Is it an accident or murder? FBI Agents and Haden-related crime investigators, Chris Shane and Leslie Vann, are called in to uncover the truth—and in doing so travel to the darker side of the fast-growing sport of Hilketa, where fortunes are made or lost, and where players and owners do whatever it takes to win, on and off the field.

Comment on this post to enter for a chance to win an advance copy of Head On!

No purchase necessary. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States, D.C. and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are age 13 or older. Entry period begins at 9:30 AM Eastern Time (ET) on April 4th and ends at 11:59 PM ET on April 8th. Void where prohibited. For full Official Rules, visit Sponsored by Tom Doherty Associates, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10010.

229 thoughts on “John Scalzi’s Head On Sweepstakes

    1. Really? I wouldn’t be bragging about it or wanting the sequel if I hadn’t read the first book.

  1. Can’t wait for this one. John Scalzi made it to my “buy everything” shelf even before LOCK IN. Serve it forth, and as many sequels as you care to pen, sir!

  2. I would love to win a copy! I have been waiting for the release of this book since I finished the first one right after it came out.

  3. Just finished listening to the audiobook again, would really enjoy carrying on the story sooner than later.

  4. Lock In was very good, so I am looking forward to this one.
    Wait, is the creativity of your comment going to figure into your chances to win? Dang.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to this. Can’t wait! Lock In was the first book of scalzi’s I read, and I have now read most of the rest 🙂

  6. I pre-ordered a copy as soon as I heard about it last fall, but I’m dying to read it ASAP!

  7. I appreciated Lock In because its not dystopian, its entirely plausible, and its well-paced and thought-provoking. I think Asimov would have loved this book.

  8. I loved Lock In. From the minute I found John Scalzi I have become more obsessed with everybook I’ve read. I wasn’t ready to leave the world of Lock In so I am super excited for this book.

  9. Excited to see Scalzi in St. Louis later this month. Would be VERY cool to have a book for him to sign. Otherwise, how does one sign an audiobook. . . .

  10. I really liked the first book in this series. Glad it got a second. Nice to see Scalzi do a different kind of book from the Old Man’s War series of books. Would love to win the free copy.

  11. LOVED Lock In, and made several other people read it, too 😀 Would love to grab Head On so I can start forcing friends to read that one, too.

  12. Big fan! I’ll be reading this regardless but I’d love to get it early.

  13. Can’t wait for this book! I loved lock in so I’ll definitely have to get a copy of this

  14. Just finishing up gift novella attached to Audible of Lock In. Can’t wait for Head On. Thanks for the chance for an advance copy.

  15. As someone with a body that doesn’t work properly I’d love to have a Threep!

  16. I preordered an e-reader copy, but it needs a print copy to keep it company.

  17. I enjoyed hearing Mr. Scalzi read an excerpt for Head On, while touring for The Collapsing Empire. I have been waiting for this book with such anticipation! An ARC would be a cliche, cherry on top! I will be fighting my daughter for it, and eating burritos while I eat it. A fan!

  18. This burrito is delicious. M&Ms and buffalo chicken strips drizzled in cheez whiz abd rolled in crushed chocolate covered pretzels. Lock In was great!

  19. I absolutely LOVED “Lock In”
    I reviewed it on my blog way back in 2014. That blog post was written when I first began posting my book reviews online and can be found here:
    I would love to win a copy of HEAD ON and to review it on my blog now that I have much more experience with writing and posting book reviews.
    Thank you very much for the chance to win a copy of John Scalzi’s newest book release.

  20. Saw a an advanced copy at the Tor booth Texas Library Association Annual conference in Dallas, Tx this week and now I really want to read it.

  21. I really enjoyed Lock In. Cannot wait to read Head On. I hope Scalzi continues visiting this universe like he did with Old Man’s War.

  22. Haven’t read the prequel, but now feel like I’ve been missing out! Need this!

  23. LOCK IN was great! I’m looking forward to HEAD ONE and crossing my fingers for this. 🙂

  24. Lock In was the first Scalzi book I read. I’m now an addict and can’t wait to dive into this one.

  25. Lock In felt different from much of Scalzi’s other work (I’m a fan of it all) – different mood, definitely darker – look forward to this follow-up.

  26. Really enjoyed Locked In, can’t wait for this one!
    Your books on Audible are my go to Travel by Car background. Keep me engaged and amused. Thank you.

  27. My bookshelf already has quite a bit of Scalzi representation, but I’d love to pick this one up as well. Recently switched jobs, and books are pretty much last on my priority list for surviving the financial tumult. :/

  28. Just finished Redshirts for the first time (being out of uni means my desire to read has returned) and loved it. Excited to read this one.

  29. I only just finished reading Lock-in. Can’t wait for this one. Scalzi is also fun if you run into him on a cruise with a bunch of other nerds.

  30. I loved Lock In and can’t wait to read Head On! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  31. I recently saw this in a book haul on booktube (and for the life of me I can’t remember whose channel) but it sounded so interesting I immediately added this and Locked In to my TBR!

  32. Cool! I liked Lock In, and the excerpt read during Scalzi’s book tour was intriguing…

  33. The first one was intriguing, hopefully the second is just as interesting.

  34. This long time Scalzi fan truly admired how he is taking the fresh and fascinating concept at the core of Lock In and turning it in a completely different direction. The world portrayed in Lock In offers so many possibilities for examination that I would bet Scalzi is still finding new ones five more books in. I am waiting much-less-than-patiently for Head On.

  35. Just finished Redshirts. Can’t wait for another Scalzi novel. The only things better are pictures of his cats!!

  36. “Oh dear!” said the Threep!
    #Hilketa “We’ll take this case… #HeadOn” said the investigator, as he put on his sunglasses and walked away…

  37. I just realized that you allowed Canadians to participate! thank you thank you thank you and thank you!

    I don’t typically leave things to the last moment – honest!

  38. Love me some more Scalzi! One of the best authors to read when you need a laugh and a fresh new take. Hopefully I’ll be able to read this one sooner than I thought.

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