Meet the #FearlessWomen: Cameron Jack from Death Doesn’t Bargain

Never be beholden.

It’s the first lesson Cameron Jack remembers her parents teaching her and her brother Paden. A lesson she and Paden continued to follow after their parents died, leaving them to fend for themselves at a young age in a dangerous world. As a young woman, Cameron got a job in a tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia, where she stayed while her brother went to sea.

In Deadmen Walking, Paden’s ship goes down with him on board, leaving both Cameron and Paden’s love, Lettice, devastated. But things aren’t always as they seem, as Cameron discovers when Paden sends her a mysterious package—after he’s supposed to have died. Luckily for Paden, Cameron is smart and determined, and she sets her sights on finding her brother, and rescuing him if necessary. This path leads her to Devyl Bane and his motley crew of Deadmen. It takes evil to fight evil, and Bane and his crew do their best to return the damned to hell before they can overrun the world.

Cameron’s life has never been easy, but deep down, she’s a kind, decent person. Despite this, she finds herself beginning to fit in with Devyl’s crew of reprobates. She’s particularly drawn to Kalder Dupree, a Myrcian warrior who’s as mercenary as you can get. As for Kalder…he’s never had a true family before becoming a part of Devyl’s crew. His own mother murdered him. But once he meets Cameron, he’ll do anything to protect her. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad things in the world coming for her, due to her recently discovered Seraph blood. Even now, Cameron has no idea how truly dangerous it is to be descended from angels—both for her, and for the world.

But that’s not really Cameron’s concern right now. Cameron’s focus is on Kalder. Because for the first time in her life, Cameron is beholden. She owes her life to the stubborn, probably insane Kalder. Luckily, there’s a whole lot more to Cameron Jack than you’d expect—even more than she suspects, even. Because in Death Doesn’t Bargain, Cameron and the crew of the Sea Witch will challenge demons, gods, and even death itself to get back the ruthless warrior who sacrificed himself for her. Cameron Jack won’t rest until she rescues Kalder, and she’s got a lot of angry Deadmen determined to help her do it.

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