Are you an Ace or a Joker?

The Wild Cards are back in Low Chicago, an all new adventure edited by George R. R. Martin. With new Aces and Jokers, as well as some old favorites, the latest book in this long-running shared-world series has us wondering: if we lived in Martin’s world, would we be an Ace or a Joker? Or would we just be dead? If you’re wondering the same thing, wonder no longer: our quiz will tell you your fate!

6 thoughts on “Are you an Ace or a Joker?

  1. I’m guessing I thrive as a Joker. Something tells me that Aces underestimate Jokers as they see they have powers and assume what they are. I feel this is a weakness that I use to achieve far more than any would expect of me.

  2. Twice i got human with different answers seems im not cut out to be a superhero or a superpowered bad guy lol

  3. Joker well it can’t be that bad depending what type of deformation I get nevertheless I am mighty 😉

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