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Vicious Summer Sweepstakes

It’s not officially summer yet, but we’re kicking off a #ViciousSummer early with the publication of the new edition of Vicious by V. E. Schwab! If you love villains, superpowers, and tales of revenge, you’ll want to get in on this action. Comment below for a chance to win a copy of Vicious, plus a Vengeful tote and a set of character cards!

We’ll be offering more chances to win copies of Vicious all summer long. Make sure you follow @torbooks on Twitter so you don’t miss out on the next chance to win!

No purchase necessary. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States, D.C. and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are age 13 or older. Entry period begins at 9:00 AM Eastern Time (ET) on May 29, 2018 and ends at 11:59 PM ET on June 3, 2018. Void where prohibited. For full Official Rules, visit Sponsored by Tom Doherty Associates, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10010.

459 thoughts on “Vicious Summer Sweepstakes

  1. Loved the book when it first came out, happy to see a new cover and a second book to follow up.

  2. /gently kicks your door down/
    i don’t know who i need to sacrifice the goats to in order to get this but give me a name and i will get started.

  3. I was at NYCC and there was a young girl telling her dad how much she loved Victoria’s books. I noted to her Dad that the author was standing right over there , and I pointed. The girl was agog. She was locked in place. No I can’t possibly meet her she kept saying, it’s “HER”! The girl turned away. Victoria was doing a walk-by of the booth to sign copies of her book. Nothing formal. I walked over to V and mentioned the young girl. V walked over and the 2 chatted for a bit, she took a pic with her and possible a book was given. dad gave me a thumbs up! And the girl was illuminated!

  4. This edition is so gorgeous and Vicious is one of my fave books. I can’t wait to finally get a copy of my own and this cover is amazing.

  5. Absolutely love this book, love the new cover and can’t way for Vengeful!

  6. Read Vicious in a day! Looking forward to the next installment in the series.

  7. I’ve been wanting to read Vicious for so long and I’ve never had the chance to. Victoria Schwab is 100% my favorite author and MAN do I want that book

  8. i remember getting an ARC of VICIOUS the spring before it came out and bringing it with me when i studied abroad and made all my friends read it—they loved it! i looooved victo ngai’s art but can’t wait for the new beautiful covers for it and VENGEFUL! <3

  9. I read it a few years ago and it’s still one of my favorite books!

  10. Victoria Schwab is one of those authors that, no matter what she writes, you desperately need it😍

  11. I would love a copy since I have been really wanting to read this book and it looks right up my alley. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  12. My absolute favourite book! Can’t wait to get a copy with the new cover and already have Vengeful preordered!

  13. It’s such a lovely edition! I’m looking forward to reading (and re-reading) more V.E. Schwab over summer 🙂

  14. I’m so obsessed with everything VE Schwab has ever written and I am vibrating with excitement over Vengeful!

  15. I’m in exams right now (just finishing on Friday) and have had to restrain myself from even glancing at the book in stores for risk of abandoning studying to inhale it. My self control is rapidly deteriorating…

  16. Loved the book so much I think I just may buy this new edition … it’s silly to do so but why not

  17. Read Vicious last year and loved it! Would be great to be able to get matching covers and some nice merch~

  18. Super excited about this new cover, and of course the sequel! Fingers crossed that bag is the pre-order incentive for book two! <3

  19. I’m so excited for the new book! I loved the first one so much I had to tell everyone about it.

  20. Oh this is awesome! I have the orginal cover. But I needs all of this! Will be sharing this in the Shades of Magoc group on Facebook!

  21. Love the new cover! I have it on ebook and might have to buy a physical copy now 😍

  22. It’s been on my list for a while – hopefully I’ll finally read it now that the sequel is on the way!

  23. I am going to end up with like 30 copies of vicious/vengeful… I’m okay with this!

  24. Thank you for the Vicious giveaway! V.E. Schwab is my favorite author and I’m so excited about the sequel!!

  25. Gah!!!!! I’d love to win a copy of her book. Thank you for this chance.

  26. One of my favorite books, period. I love the new design and can’t wait to reread this!

  27. Vicious is an incredible book and I can’t wait to read Vengeful. Also I WANT that tote bag! Pleeeease!!!

  28. I ADORE this book! I’ve been shoving onto other people’s bookcases at every opportunity 😍

  29. This book is so much fun, and the new cover is GORGEOUS!!! 😍 So excited!!!

  30. Debating if I should wait a little while longer to read Vicious so it’s closer to vengeful! Can’t wait!

  31. I can’t wait for Vengeful! I read Vicious in a day, and can’t wait to see what comes next!

  32. In all honesty, do I need another tote bag? No. But does my heart long for this specific tote bag along with a new hardcover and character cards? Absolutely.

  33. I’ve fallen so in love with this book and I’m absolutely off the rack excited for the sequel!! V. e. Shwab just has a way with words and story telling and this is by far my favorite series!!!!! I am so exited!

  34. I just went to take a Happy Release Day pic for bookstagram and wondered why I don’t have any Vicious swag. Guess I need to win this.

  35. Ahhh, looking forward to it. Even more so a giveaway open to Canadians too. Thank you, Tor!

  36. I love the new cover and I’m looking forward to finally reading the book

  37. Villains are usually my favorite characters, especially in fairy tales and soap operas!


  39. Vicious is one of my all-time faves – I’m a bookseller and it’s my Staff Pick at work! I’m absolutely stoked about the new edition and so excited for Vengeful!!

  40. Vicious has been my favorite book since I first picked it up, and I want this tote bag so much.

  41. The new cover for Vicious is so gorgeous, I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Also for Vengeful’s release! Thank you for this opportunity~

  42. So excited for Vengeful. That tote bag and character cards are a great way to get ready for it’s release. Plus the new cover for Vicious is absolutely gorgeous!!

  43. It all started with a sensitive monster and his violin, now I’m working my way through ALL Victoria Schwab’s books! Super excited to dig into Vicious and Vengeful.

  44. I am love with the covers for VICIOUS and VENGEFUL! I can’t wait for VENGEFUL this fall. I loved VICIOUS from the moment I picked it up and I’d love to have such a beautiful copy and such neat items!

  45. The new cover is absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t wait for Vengeful, but at the same time I’m nervous because Victoria said that we may begin to have more conflicting feelings about Eli… I would love to finally own a copy of Vicious, so thanks for the chance!

  46. I’m so excited for this new cover and for V to make me not hate Eli in Vengeful! I cannot WAIT for that one – but every Schwab release day is celebrated with cookies and whisky, so I’m off to get both (which would be easier to carry if I had this gorgeous tote…) 🖤

  47. one of my favorite books of all time! i’m so in love with the new cover 😍

  48. I would love to read this book! Thank you so much for the chance at this amazing price! 😍

  49. This looks amazing! I’ve been following Victoria’s progress with Vengeful on sm and I can’t wait for it to come out!

  50. This is incredible and absolutely breathtaking! V.E. Schwab is a master storyteller and mind (& heart)-twister! ♡

  51. Vicious is my favorite book! Love the new cover and can’t wait to re-read it when Vengeful comes out!!

  52. So excited for this new and stunning version of Vicious! Vengeance will be amazing too, I can’t wait to see what Victoria does with it!! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing sweepstakes!

  53. So excited for this new and stunning version of Vicious! Vengeance will be amazing too, I can’t wait to see what Victoria does with it!! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing sweepstakes!!

  54. Oh my word, that tote is everything and more. I stumbled across Victoria’s Shades of Magic series last year, and honestly? She quickly rose to being one of my all-time favorite authors. Such a captivating writer — I cannot wait till September to read Vengeful!

  55. Vicious is my absolute favorite book. I fell in love the twists it carries that I haven’t seen in other publications. Beyond excited for Vengeful!

  56. Just saw Victoria at Phoenix Comic Fest. She’s so delightful and personable and truly a joy to listen to. The Darker Shades of Magic trilogy allowed me to rediscover my joy for reading, and I’m so grateful. Thanks for this opportunity to win some goodies and a book I haven’t read yet!

  57. I’m so excited for Vengeful – Vicious is one of my favorite V.E. Schwab books!

  58. This tote needs to be a part of my life so I can tell everyone about my Boy Eli Evers..,. And how tragic he is… and how much I love him…. also how much Victor made me cry…

  59. I’m not going to beg and plead to get my hands on this and you will definitely not see me slide you a gift basket and a few souls because bribery is wrong and I do have some pride lef…


  60. Vicious was such an amazing read and now I can’t wait for Vengeful! The new covers look so nice

  61. V Schwab is one of my absolute favorite authors right now. Can’t wait to read this!

  62. Any book by Schwab is a no-questions-asked, insta-buy for me, but I can’t pass up a chance at a giveaway (I’ll need an edition of Vicious that will match Vengeful when I get that!) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  63. Just read Vicious this year and I’m determined to owning the series I love it so much Thanks for the chance to win

  64. I love the new cover!! Victoria Schwab has an amazing way with words and is super inspirational. I love her writing style and characters.

  65. I love Vicious so much and I can’t wait to see what Schwab has in store in Vengeful!

  66. I love Victoria Schwab’s books and can’t wait for Vengeful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. I loved the first book!! It was so well paced and I can’t wait for the sequel

  68. These new covers look so amazing and I’m beyond excited for Vengeful. V is so awesome and I can’t wait for my new copy of Vicious to come in the mail!

  69. I adored Vicious and love the cover redesign! And I seriously am so pumped about Vengeful!!!

  70. I need this book! I’ve yet to read it and I’m on a very long waiting list at my local library. Thank you for the opportunity!

  71. I was able to see Victoria Schwab at NYCC last year and she is a complete delight! Love her and her Amazing books!

  72. A beautiful edition. I love all of her work. After I got done reading the Darker Shade of Magic trilogy I ordered most of her other books knowing I would love them, too.

  73. I’m so ready to reread this one and dive into the new one when it’s out!


  75. Vicious is one of my favorite books, and I absolutely love the new cover. I can’t wait to read Vengeful later thus year. Plus I love how the tote matches the style of the new cover of Vicious.

  76. Vicious was an amazing book, I can’t wait for Vengeful! I was immediately drawn in to the world and these characters. I may have read most of it in a day.. Thanks for the chance at some swag for this great story!! I will always buy any book with her name on it; every one I’ve read has been excellent.

  77. I absolutely adored vicious and now I can’t wait for vengeful 👀👀👀 and the new covers? Simply 😍🖤

  78. I’m so excited for this new cover! Vicious is one of my favorite books of all time and I CANNOT wait for Vengeful!!!!!

  79. That totebag is PERFECT. I love everything about this from the new cover to the cards. 😍😍😍

  80. I have the original in paperback, but ♡ the new look. Can’t wait for Vengeful either!

  81. Would really love a chance to read this. I loved a darker shade of magic and really love they way she writes!

  82. I need this bag like I need VE Schwab to rip my heart out if my chest again!!!!!

  83. This is so exciting. Loved reading vicious the first time around. Looking forward to reading it again and getting into venegerful

  84. I have been wanting to read Vicious for a while now but have been waiting for the new GORGEOUS cover! Also I’m here for this tote!

  85. Victoria Scwab is a goddess and I adore all of her books. I loved Vicious and I’m dying to read Vengeful!!

  86. Love Victoria Schwab! Would love to get a chance to read another book by her!!

  87. I am VERY excited about this series ( and this giveaway!)
    I devoured the Shade of Magic series, and as a bookseller, I helped my store sell over 200 copies in 2017. (Of just book 1! # is much much higher if you include all of Schwab’s books and this year’s sales)
    I look forward to selling the new edition of Vicious and ultimately Vengeful.
    P.S. I could really use a new totebag for work. 😉

  88. I loved Vicious when I first read it and the new cover is so gorgeous!

  89. Vicious is my favorite book and I can’t wait for the sequel!! (I would also love to have this!)

  90. Victoria Schwab is my favorite author and VICIOUS is my favorite of her books. So excited to get the sequel later this year!

  91. So excited about this book! Thank you so much for the chance to win this fabulous giveaway!

  92. I am so very excited for Vengeful ! I adored Vicious! My favorite line … not today you won’t. So truly twisted.❣

  93. I’m so incredibly hype for the redesign and Vengeful! I can’t wait to see what Victoria’s got for us this time around.

  94. I’m so excited that Vicious is being published again in hardcover! I love Vicious and it’s always my go to book for book recommendations!

  95. Villains, superpowers, revenge: check, check, check. I’m in. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  96. I 🖤❤️ Vicious!! I’ve been waiting for this new edition and I would *kill* for that bag.

  97. I have a brand new FREE LITTLE LIBRARY that I need to fill. Any ARCs or unloved books would be appreciated. Hope this will be a boost for our community.

  98. Oh, well… what a fantastic tote for someone who considers themselves a villain…

  99. I would love to own a physical copy of this book! And swag is always n nice.

  100. This looks AMAZING!! And that tote bag…sighs…I need that in my life!

  101. THESE COVERS. I NEED THEM. I WILL TOTE THAT TOTE BAG EVERYWHERE. Haha I’m probably coming off crazy but seriously, thanks for the chance to win!

  102. I’m so excited for Vengeful to come out! Please please please let me win! 😍😭❤😍😭❤😭😭😭

  103. V. E. Schwab is the best. I’m so glad there’s a second book in this series!

  104. My friend recommended this author to me; I need to read something of hers and make them proud!

  105. This tote is meeeeee! I need this and this book in my life ! This book is totally gorgeous ❤️

  106. Vicious is one of my all-time favorite books, and I cannot wait for Vengeful to be released. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!

  107. I’m so excited for Vengeful, and the new cover of Vicious looks AMAZING. 😍

  108. I adore all of V.E. Schwab’s work. Can’t wait for Vengeful (and City of Ghosts)! 🙂

  109. This has been on my list for ages. Now seems like a great time to move it to the top.

  110. Love the rebrand for Vicious and can’t wait for Vengeful later this year!

  111. I love a good villain! They always have the most quotable lines. Looks interesting.

  112. I am so excited to read this book! I’m a huge fan of V. E. Schwab! And this edition is simply gorgeous😍

  113. I’d love to win and read Vicious! I have not read any books by V. E. Schwab yet. I love the book cover too! I look forward to reading it and the sequel Vengeful. They definitely sound like books that I would enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  114. Can’t wait to read it! On my list to read during my maternity leave. Love the tote bag too.

  115. So very excited for this! Absolutely in love with this author! My inspiration! 🙂 ❤️

  116. I read this book two years ago and ever since then I have been recommending it to everyone. I’ve said it’s my favorite book of all time and it’s completely true! I’ve never had a number 1 book until this!

  117. Really with anything that Victoria writes, just let me sign over my first born for all of the editions and merch (he’s a wonderful child, I promise). 🤞

  118. So excited to get my hands on Vengeful!!! These new covers are gorgeous!

  119. That is an AMAZING design! I’ve been a fan of Schwab’s books since the beginning, and Vicious is my absolute favorite. I would be honored to win! Thank you for the opportunity.

  120. Just bought the new US hardcover in stores and ordered the new UK hardcover online! Cannot wait to buy matching Vengeful’s.

  121. I can’t remember the last time a book hooked me like Vicious. I can’t wait for Vengeful!

  122. This would be some awesome to win!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Really want it!

  123. Vicious is one of my favorite books of all time. So excited that there will be more from those characters and that world!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  124. this is excellent! hoping for a chance! love victoria and super excited for the rebranding.

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