Don't Miss Out on the Best of Tor Books' and's 2019 Debuts


Magic for Liars

Sarah Gailey

Sharp, mainstream fantasy meets compelling thrills of investigative noir in Magic for Liars, a fantasy debut by rising star Sarah Gailey.

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A Memory Called Empire

Arkady Martine

"A Memory Called Empire perfectly balances action and intrigue with matters of empire and identity. All-around brilliant space opera. I absolutely love it."—Ann Leckie, author of Ancillary Justice

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The Perfect Assassin

K. A. Doore

A novice assassin is on the hunt for someone killing their own in K. A. Doore's The Perfect Assassin, a breakout high fantasy beginning the Chronicles of Ghadid series.

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An Illusion of Thieves

Cate Glass

A ragtag crew with forbidden magic must pull off an elaborate heist and stop a civil war in An Illusion of Thieves, a fantasy adventure from Cate Glass.

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Miranda in Milan

Katharine Duckett

With Miranda in Milan, debut author Katharine Duckett reimagines the consequences of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, casting Miranda into a Milanese pit of vipers and building a queer love story that lifts off the page in whirlwinds of feeling.

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The Redemption of Time


Set in the universe of the New York Times bestselling Three-Body Problem trilogy, The Redemption of Time continues Cixin Liu’s multi-award-winning science fiction saga. This original story by Baoshu—published with Liu’s support—envisions the aftermath of the conflict between humanity and the extraterrestrial Trisolarans.

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Duncan M. Hamilton

"Successfully mixes swords, sorcery, and skullduggery with complex characters. Dumas fans will especially appreciate the faux-French setting. This is pure adventure fun with plenty for epic fantasy readers to enjoy.”―Publishers Weekly

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Waste Tide

Chen Qiufan

Award-winning author Chen Qiufan's Waste Tide is a thought-provoking vision of the future. Translated by Ken Liu, who brought Cixin Liu's Hugo Award–winning The Three-Body Problem to English-speaking readers.

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Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You

Scotto Moore

Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You is a story of music, obsession, violence, and madness by Scotto Moore.

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Creation Machine

Andrew Bannister

A fast-paced, whip-smart science fiction debut from Andrew Bannister introducing the stunning galaxy called the Spin.

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Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water

Vylar Kaftan

Nebula Award–winning author Vylar Kaftan weaves a dark tale of loss, regret, love, and revenge in the novella Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water.

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Silver in the Wood

Emily Tesh

"A true story of the woods, of the fae, and of the heart. Deep and green and wonderful.”—New York Times bestselling author Naomi Novik

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Border Keeper

Kerstin Hall

"A phantasmagorical picaresque through a lushly realised underworld, populated by a grotesque bestiary of fantastical creatures. . . . This twisty example of the new weird genre examines love, loss, and loyalty, packing skilful world-building and a powerful emotional punch into a little over 200 pages."—The Guardian

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Desdemona and the Deep

C. S. E. Cooney

Award-winning author C.S.E. Cooney indulges in luxurious, dizzying fantasy where a spoiled daughter of a rich mining family must retrieve the tithe of men her father promised to the world below.

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Blood of an Exile

Brian Naslund

First in the Dragons of Terra series, Brian Naslund's Blood of an Exile is a fast-paced adventure perfect for comic readers and fans of heroic fantasy.

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The Nightjar

Deborah Hewitt

The Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt is a stunning contemporary fantasy debut about another London, a magical world hidden behind the bustling modern city we know.

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