Music Uploaded: A Playlist for Medusa Uploaded

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Ever wish you had a music database in your head, where you could listen to whatever you wanted to, never having to worry about sharing a set of headphones with someone? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you’re sure to be jealous of Oichi in Medusa Uploaded who’s got one implanted – even though it’s technically forbidden technology. 

Emily Devenport’s interweaving of music (and movies!) throughout the plotline serve to enhance characterizations and ground this futuristic story in both past and present playlists. What constitutes an oldie centuries in the future? 

Oichi’s list is sure to give you some beautiful new orchestral music, a country classic, and some notable Broadway tunes to read along with. What would your brain’s music database look like? (and no, we don’t mean your Spotify library)

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amazon bn booksamillion indiebound