What’s your superpower according to George R.R. Martin?

The Wild Cards are back in Knaves Over Queens, an all new adventure edited by George R. R. Martin. With new Aces and Jokers, as well as some old favorites, the latest book in this long-running shared-world series has us wondering: if we lived in Martin’s world, what powers would we have? Would we be the famous Dr. Tachyon, mind reader extraordinaire? Or Croyd, whose abilities constantly change? Wonder no longer, because our quiz will tell you!

5 thoughts on “What’s your superpower according to George R.R. Martin?

  1. You do know if you read the whole article Melinda Snodgrass is credited, right?

  2. If I could pick one super power it would be the ability to touch someone and take away whatever is was that made them sick or cure them of whatever sickness they have, to take away their pain or even their sadness if they suffer from any type of mental illness be able to take it all away that would be the super power I would want.

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