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Chaos and Cosmos Authors Answer: What is Your Character’s Astrological Sign?

Have you ever wondered if your favorite character shares your sign? You’re in luck—we asked our Chaos and Cosmos authors to assign their main characters astrological signs and what it means to them! Check out their answers below.

Kate Elliott, author of Unconquerable Sun

Leo, OF COURSE like I can’t believe you had to ask because obviously what else would I be?

Sun is her own astrological sign.

Mary Robinette Kowal, author of The Relentless Moon

I’m Aquarius. Nicole Wargin is as well.

S. A. Hunt, author of I Come With Knives

My sign is Virgo, because I’m a huge nerd who is afraid of people, but my main character, Robin Martine from the Malus Domestica series, is a Cancer crab – crafty, creative, compassionate, loyal, and you better not say nothin’ about her mama.

Alaya Dawn Johnson, author of Trouble the Saints

I’m an Aries, Phyllis is a Taurus –which is to say, we’re both stubborn as hell.

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Ryan Van Loan, author of The Sin in the Steel

I’m a Taurus! Buc’s world doesn’t quite map to our own, but she’s closest in birth month to a Capricorn? Cosmopolitan leads me to believe that means she’s practical, self-reliant, and ambitious which is ALL Buc. They’re wrong about wanting her in your corner though–never turn your back on a street rat.

Kit Rocha, author of Deal with the Devil

Donna is a Libra, while Bree is a Pisces. Nina is a Gemini, and Knox doesn’t believe in that stuff—what are you, kidding?

Jenn Lyons, author of The Memory of Souls

My astrological sign is Capricorn, but my main character lives in a world with completely different stars and calendar system. (The year in my fantasy world, Ompher, is 384 days long, so by Earth equivalents, all of my characters are actually a bit older than the ages I give for them in the books. When Kihrin is sixteen, for example, he was really closer to seventeen, and when he’s twenty at the end of the Ruin of Kings, he’s twenty-one in Earth years. And indeed, there was a period of time in the world’s history where the Ompher’s orbit was much larger and a year was 512 days long and, and had sixteen months, not twelve…ahem. Sorry. Point is, it doesn’t really translate.)

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Andrea Hairston, author of Master of Poisons

In Chinese Astrology, I’m the year of the Dragon. Awa is the Year of the Dog. Djola is the Year of the Rooster.

S. L. Huang, author of Burning Roses

Pluto. We’re both contrary like that.

Also, my main character is Little Red Riding Hood all grown up and middle-aged, and full of cold hard angst just like the Kuiper belt.

Cory Doctorow, author of Attack Surface

Masha’s sign is ADHD. Also her Myers Briggs type.

V. E. Schwab, author of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

So, my sign is Cancer, and I fall in the exact center of the Cancer spectrum, I am the most Cancer to ever Cancer, except for emotions, I don’t have any of those. And, Addie is absolutely a Pisces.


Stay tuned for more #ChaosandCosmos all year long!

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