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Chaos and Cosmos: Choose. Your. Weapon.

Chaos and Cosmos: Choose. Your. Weapon.

Everyone knows that when challenged to a duel, it’s on you to pick the weapon. Fisticuffs? Fencing at dawn? Compliments? In order to be prepared to defend your honor, you should really have a weapon of choice.

Relatedly, in the event of an unfortunate fencing-at-dawn accident, what would you replace your hand with if it were chopped off?

We ask our authors the important questions.

What is your weapon of choice?
Or, if your hand was cut off what would you replace it with? 

Kate Elliott, author of Unconquerable Sun

If my hand was cut off I would replace it with a Swiss Army knife multi-tool prosthetic with additional sensitive claw grip.

Mary Robinette Kowal, author of The Relentless Moon

Weapon of choice: Namiki pilot fountain pen with Noodler Ink’s Black Swans in English Roses. 

S. A. Hunt, author of I Come With Knives

Chainsaw, of course. Barring that, a short-sword. Something agile, but still has a little reach. No! No! A hookshot! A claw-hand that shoots out on a cable!

Alaya Dawn Johnson, author of Trouble the Saints

Nothing beats a well-aimed throwing knife.

Ryan Van Loan, author of The Sin in the Steel

Can this be an ‘and’ question? Weapon of choice would be a Colt .45 (God made people, Sam Colt made them all equal right?) The truth is, I have a fascination with a double-edged broadsword with a basket-hilt and red leather lining (think Scottish sword), but I haven’t put my 10,000 hours in and would die…but if I could replace my hand with a badass sword AND have the Colt .45? Possibilities, friends, possibilities.

Kit Rocha, author of Deal with the Devil

A PS4 controller.

Jenn Lyons, author of The Memory of Souls

My weapon of choice would be vast cosmic powers. Because hell yes.

Andrea Hairston, author of Master of Poisons

The pen! (For both.)

Christopher Paolini, author of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Pistol-caliber carbine with armor-piercing rounds. If my hand was cut off . . . a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

S. L. Huang, author of Burning Roses

A laser. Because I could both cut through diamond AND entertain a posse of playful cats.

Cory Doctorow, author of Attack Surface

The Content Management System.

V. E. Schwab, author of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Definitely a really old-fashioned dagger.


Stay tuned for even more Chaos and Cosmos!

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  1. The Lazy Gun. If you’re gonna do it, do it with style.
    Failing that, a tractor/pressor beam array – faux telekinesis, plus a push/pull sheer that lives up to the name grav mop.

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