Live Reading of Lionhearts with Nathan Makaryk!

In addition to writing Nottingham and its upcoming sequel Lionhearts, author Nathan Makaryk is a theater owner, playwright, director, and actor. Back in June, he put his acting chops to the test and performed a live reading of Lionhearts as a part of his TorCon 2020 Books & Brunch event (also featuring Tor author Jenn Lyons)!

This is not your average live book reading. Featuring spot-on character voices and multiple camera angles, Nathan sets the stage for your return to medieval England on September 15th when Lionhearts is released to the world.

Read more about this exciting historical epic and watch the live reading below!


About Lionhearts:

All will be well when King Richard returns . . . but King Richard has been captured.

To raise the money for his ransom, every lord in England is raising taxes, the French are eyeing the empty throne, and the man they called, “Robin Hood,” the man the Sherriff claims is dead, is everywhere and nowhere at once.

He’s with a band of outlaws in Sherwood Forest, raiding guard outposts. He’s with Nottingham’s largest gang, committing crimes to protest the taxes. He’s in the lowest slums of the city, conducting a reign of terror against the city’s most vulnerable. A hero to some, a monster to others, and an idea that can’t simply be killed.

But who’s really under the hood?

Order your copy of Lionhearts—available on September 15th!

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