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Comfort Reads for Cooler Weather

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is nearly over, and that we’ve almost made it through this chaotic and uncertain year. Luckily, books will always be by our side to bring us comfort when we need it the most. Since the seasons are starting to change, we’re recommending some comfort reads for cooler weather. Grab your cozy blanket and warm drink of choice, and let’s get reading!

opens in a new windowSouth of the Buttonwood Tree by Heather Webber

Books by Heather Webber are the epitome of cozy reads! Her most recent novel South of the Buttonwood Tree is a heartwarming, magical story that takes place in small-town Buttonwood, Alabama. It follows Blue Bishop and her friend Sarah Grace Landreneau Fulton as they discover a lost baby south of the town’s buttonwood tree, which changes their lives and the lives of everyone in the town forever. Her writing draws you in, wraps you up in a cozy and magical literary blanket, and holds you until the very last word. If you need a break from the current chaotic year, give yourself the gift of a trip to Buttonwood, Alabama, you won’t regret it!

—Sarah, Digital Marketing Coordinator

opens in a new windowTweet Cute by Emma Lord

Emma Lord’s debut romcom, Tweet Cute, is sure to have you reaching for the holiday treats – and then some! Not only is the YA book full of delectable sweets you can practically taste, the romance between Pepper and Jack (yes, they’re ship name is literally related to food!) is just as sweet. The book feels reminiscent of a Romeo and Juliet retelling, since the two characters are the children of rival restaurants, but (spoiler!) it’s a romance through and through, so there’s a happily ever after in store for #PepperJack. I devoured Tweet Cute in one sitting, and I have a feeling you will too – just make sure you have a grilled cheese ready to eat when you do!

—Lizzy, Marketing Intern

opens in a new windowAn Irish Country Welcome by Patrick Taylor

In each Irish Country book, Patrick Taylor takes readers to the village of Ballybucklebo in Northern Ireland, where the air is fresh and people are decent to each other. This is the 15th book, but you can start the series anywhere, and each one is as delightful as the last. This book has some mentions of larger events happening in Northern Ireland in the 1950s – 60s, but placed next to the high stakes drama of the competition for best dandelion wine at the Harvest Festival. For me, books about Ireland always take me back to Sunday afternoons in my Irish American grandmother’s dining room north of Boston, where she would serve big Sunday dinners followed by tea and a little something sweet, while she told us about our family history back in County Clare where her parents were born.

—Julia, Associate Marketing Manager

opens in a new windowMe Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

When I need a book to give me a warm hug, I look for the ones that have made me laugh… and few have caused me to laugh as hard as Me Talk Pretty One Day. It’s got everything a David Sedaris fan could love; stories about New York City, life in France with his partner Hugh, and his larger-than-life family. Sedaris is undoubtedly one of the more incisive observers of modern life and is well-known for his dry wit. But when it all comes down to it, he’s screamingly hilarious. The title essay about learning French while living in Paris caused actual tears of laughter to run down my face and my sides were literally hurting. I turn to it whenever I need just a quick bit of relief.

—Jennifer, Marketing Manager

opens in a new windowA Dog’s Perfect Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron

If you’re looking for a good book to read while you curl up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and some fuzzy socks on, then look no further than A Dog’s Perfect Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron! This story centers around the Goss family—a family that has a hard time communicating with one another, and therefore always seem to be at odds. But when a serious health scare rocks this family’s world, they must learn how to get past their differences and bond together to keep each other afloat. This unforgettable and poignant story will have you laughing, crying, and thinking about your own family and what it means to celebrate a perfect holiday. This book reads like a Hallmark movie, which is perfectly fitting for the upcoming holiday season! Not to mention, there are some really cute dogs involved, Ruby and Winstead, and they’re sure to capture and melt your heart.

—Ariana, Assistant to VP. Marketing & Publicity