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Get a Taste of Coffee with Forge: Part 2!

By Ariana Carpentieri

For the past year, we’ve been having such a blast working with our Forge authors on our Coffee with Forge segmenta fun Instagram story series in which the authors share their writing spaces, advice for aspiring writers, bookshelf tours, and more!

In case you didn’t get the chance to tune in, we’re recapping our favorite moments from each author’s take over!

Follow us on Instagram to see more Coffee with Forge, and click on the screenshots below to watch each author’s take over from this year.

Loren D. Estleman (author of The Eagle and the Viper) showed us his incredible typewriter collection…

…while Aggie Blum Thompson (author of I Don’t Forgive You) took us on a stroll through her garden! And a bountiful garden it is, indeed! 

Spencer Quinn (author of Tender is the Bite and It’s a Wonderful Woof) served us some amazing views from his favorite writing spot outside…

…and Sarah Adlakha (author of She Wouldn’t Change a Thing) gave us a fantastic bookshelf tour (her shelves are color-coded! How cool is that?!). 

And that’s all, folks! To watch all the past Coffee with Forge takeovers, head to our Instagram profile (@ForgeReads) and check out our saved highlights!

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