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The Official Rhythm of War Drinking Game

The Official Rhythm of War Drinking Game

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Whether you’re the type to sit down with a light pink wine in the evenings or a staunch fan of Horneater lagers, this Rhythm of War drinking game is guaranteed to carry you through several bottles (Brandon himself recommends boba tea for this particular game). Be careful — don’t try this all in one go!

By Yvonne Ye

Take a sip when:

  • Kaladin has a Bad Time
  • Kaladin and Lirin fight
  • Shallan switches personas
  • Venli successfully lies to someone’s face
  • Eshonai appears in a flashback
  • Adolin proves once again that he is the only one in the entirety of Roshar with emotional intelligence
  • Dalinar scandalizes someone
  • Two sips if Dalinar scandalizes someone by pointedly reading in front of them
  • Navani does SCIENCE
  • Navani and Raboniel do science TOGETHER
  • Taravangian outplays someone
  • Jasnah kills a man (temporarily or permanently)
  • You are seized with the desire to punch Moash (or at least take him by the shoulders and shake him very firmly)
  • You spot another worldhopper
  • You spot another Herald

Finish your drink when:

  • Kaladin becomes the hero he needed (by inventing therapy)
  • You spot either 1) Sazed or 2) some off-world chickens
  • Jasnah and Wit tag-team the most brutal takedown in the history of the Cosmere
  • Deus ex Dalinar (literally)
  • At the end of chapter 80: “The Dog and the Dragon,” because let’s be honest, we all really need one about now
  • An Ideal is sworn
  • “You. Cannot. Have. My. SACRIFICE!”
  • Rhythm of War suddenly shifts genres from epic fantasy to psychological horror

Want to play along? Purchase your own copy of Rhythm of War, now out in paperback, by Brandon Sanderson and let us know what you think!

Art Credit: Miranda Meeks

Buy Rhythm of War in paperback here:

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5 thoughts on “The Official Rhythm of War Drinking Game

  1. Take a drink when Kaladin has another black out, manic depressive, crushing self-doubt, etc, etc episode: Can you say “alcohol poisoning”…lol! Poor Kaladin, he just stays that way & I didn’t notice until I re-read books 1-3 to get refreshed for book 4. But I still LOVE this series

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