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The Gritty Cities of Our Favorite Mysteries

The Gritty Cities of Our Favorite Mysteries

Cutthroat Dogs is Loren D. Estleman’s latest in his series featuring Amos Walker, a P.I. navigating the streets of Detroit. In honor of his new one, we’re taking a look at some of our other favorite series that are inextricably linked to some great cities. 

Amos Walker in Detroit

Place holder  of - 47A hard-boiled detective in a hard-boiled town, Amos Walker and the city of Detroit are two unforgettable characters from thriller master, Loren D. Estleman. The irreverent, salt-of-the-earth voice of Amos provides the perfect narration for the blue-collar milieu of the Motor City. Estleman has Amos deftly moving from the crumbling splendor of downtown to the suburban mansions of Grosse Pointe with surprises at every turn.

Elouise Norton in Los Angeles

Poster Placeholder of - 14The grit and glamour of Los Angeles make it a classic setting for a detective novel. No one knows that better than Rachel Howzell Hall, whose protagonist Detective Elouise “Lou” Norton, features in books like Land of Shadows. The only woman and the only African-American on her detail at the LAPD, Norton has a unique perspective on the criminal underbelly of La La Land. Wise and complex, Lou navigates a gentrifying LA like no one else.

Nils Shapiro in Minneapolis

Image Place holder  of - 20Leave it to Nils Shapiro to find the dark side of Minnesota Nice. The star of Matt Goldman’s series featuring titles like Gone to Dust keeps things hot even in a Minneapolis winter. His wry, midwestern voice elevates the darkest scenarios. You’ll feel the Minnesota snow on your face as you’re clinging to the edge of your seat.

Lady Dunbridge in New York City

Image Placeholder of - 66Readers looking for a historical city tour will do well to discover the Lady Dunbridge series by Shelley Noble, featuring titles like Ask Me No Questions. Lady Dunbridge, a widow turned sleuth at the turn-of-the-twentieth-century, investigates the scandals and murders of high society in Golden Age Manhattan. As sparkling as a glass of champagne, you’ll see New York City in a whole new light, with this new, modern woman as your guide.

Capital Crimes in Washington, DC

Placeholder of  -11Who better to provide an inside look at the nation’s capital than the president’s daughter? Margaret Truman did just that in her Capital Crimes series. Featuring P.I. Robert Brixton, the series continues with acclaimed thriller writer Jon Land taking the helm of titles like Murder at the CDC. From Embassy Row to Capital Hill, Brixton solves crimes at the highest levels of government.