February of Forge: A Month of Virtual Events from Forge

Forge Books is so excited to once again bring you our second annual virtual convention, February of Forge! Featuring four events with more than 15 authors combined, panels will run every Wednesday in February on Crowdcast. Fans will be able to meet and interact with new and favorite authors and get some great ideas for their TBR piles and Book Clubs for 2022.

Read more about each of the events below, and make sure to register!

Wednesday, February 2 at 6pm ET – Flashback with Forge: Historical Fiction

Join moderator Rita Woods (The Last Dreamwalker) as she chats with William Martin (December ‘41), T. Jefferson Parker (A Thousand Steps), Lev AC Rosen (Lavender House), and W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear (Lightning Shell) about all things historical fiction! Learn about research, inspiration, writing processes, and everything in between.

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Wednesday, February 9 at 6pm ET – Must Discuss Book Club Picks

Aggie Blum Thompson (All the Dirty Secrets) is sitting down with the authors of your next favorite book club picks! Join Matt Goldman (Carolina Moonset), Rita Woods (The Last Dreamwalker), Heather Webber (In the Middle of Hickory Lane), and Sarah Adlakha (Midnight on the Marne) as they discuss their most recent releases and take some of your burning book club questions.

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Wednesday, February 16 at 6pm ET – “First Forge” Debuts

There’s no shortage of “new to Forge” authors this year, and Julie Carrick Dalton is chatting with a few of those making their debuts (with Forge)! Tune in to hear Zac Topping (Wake of War), Carol Dunbar (The Net Beneath Us), John Teschner (Project Namahana), and Lee Geum-yi (Picture Bride) discuss their writing experiences, and why you should check out their novels in 2022.

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Wednesday, February 23 at 6pm ET – Murder They Wrote

When it comes to solving a case, there’s no one better equipped than an army of Forge authors. Join Lev AC Rosen (Lavender House) and Hank Phillippi Ryan (Her Perfect Life) as they interrogate and navigate through a cast of authors and get to the bottom of a brand-new murder mystery. Don’t miss what’s sure to be an evening of hijinx!

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