What Type of Ghost Are You?

By Julia Bergen

It’s a fact: the universe has been around a long, long time, so we’ll probably be ghosts for longer than we’re mortals.

We have a question: If we’re gonna spend so much time as unbound spirits, what kind are we going to be?

Here’s a quiz: In celebration of Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments, the second novel in the ghostly and exciting Edinburgh Nights series from critically-acclaimed author T. L. Huchu, we at Tor have designed a handy questionnaire that’ll provide guidance on what variety of phantom you are destined to become, plus a book recommendation to match 👻

Check it out!

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3 thoughts on “What Type of Ghost Are You?

  1. Chuckle “unwilling ghost”! Which, seeing I wasn’t “supposed” to see 30 and am now pushing 60… makes a whole lot of sense!
    Under the Whispering Door was the title recommendation. Already read and loved it!

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