How Would YOU Die in a Fantasy Novel?

By Andrew King

Book of Night, the adult fantasy debut of #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black, has been out in the world for almost a month now, entrancing readers with its spectral tale of shadow magic.

Truly, it’s a book to die for 😈

So, we made a quiz that’ll tell you how you would die in a fantasy novel! And we’ll give you a book recommendation tailored to each death. It’s totally fun and safe, we promise!

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7 thoughts on “How Would YOU Die in a Fantasy Novel?

  1. Messily, accidentally and off-stage… I expect.
    The quiz gives ‘Sacrificed as a Pawn in the Wars of Gods and Mortals” which amounts to the same fate, I think.

    1. Yeah, well… I didn’t look up any of them, but also didn’t know any of them. The only two I knew were Pat Benatar and Waylon Jennings…

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