How Would YOU Die in a Fantasy Novel?

By Andrew King

Book of Night, the adult fantasy debut of #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black, has been out in the world for almost a month now, entrancing readers with its spectral tale of shadow magic.

Truly, it’s a book to die for 😈

So, we made a quiz that’ll tell you how you would die in a fantasy novel! And we’ll give you a book recommendation tailored to each death. It’s totally fun and safe, we promise!

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8 thoughts on “How Would YOU Die in a Fantasy Novel?

  1. Messily, accidentally and off-stage… I expect.
    The quiz gives ‘Sacrificed as a Pawn in the Wars of Gods and Mortals” which amounts to the same fate, I think.

    1. Yeah, well… I didn’t look up any of them, but also didn’t know any of them. The only two I knew were Pat Benatar and Waylon Jennings…

  2. I’ve been “Eliminated for the Good of the Realm.” Because I …”consorted with powers that the world forgot and levied forces forbidden by the rich and privileged. In the final confrontation, warriors and magi met you with mixed fear and apprehension, but also respect.” Which is one of the reasons Wisdom is still in my top fave movies.

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