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Meet-Cute Quiz! What’s Your Fantasy Dating Dynamic?

By Andrew King

A Strange and Stubborn Endurance by Foz Meadows releases 7/26/22 and love is in the air ❤️❤️ We set up a fun quiz about fantasy books and cute dates to determine your dating dynamic—check it out!

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10 thoughts on “Meet-Cute Quiz! What’s Your Fantasy Dating Dynamic?

  1. As usual with these clickbait quizzes, and yes I clicked obviously, the questions varied wildly, often irrelevant and some downright insulting. When you have to choose music and absolutely none of the choices are remotely applicable it makes this quiz laughably inept and again, clickbait to push a booksale.

    1. I have the same problem with the drinks and where I would go. None of them really fit. Didn’t recognize any of the songs either. That’s OK. I’m not their demographic and I know it.

    2. I know. The problem here is that if none of the music applies (I like mid-60s jazz and early-80s rock and anything by Beethoven) and none of the drinks apply (scotch for my adult moments, cola the rest of the time) and maybe other questions do not apply, then it kinda indicates none of the books would apply either, which defeats the whole purpose of the quiz.

  2. Totally agree with Syphorean on the music aspect. While the questions were bizarre, I picked those that were closest to something I would pick and strangely enough a title I loved showed up as the illustration and the book suggested is one I was already planning on reading. While A Little Too Familiar by Lish McBride was not a Tor book, I would highly recommend it for readers who like Legends & Lattes and A Strange and Stubborn Endurance.

  3. It was silly fun, thank you. I’m 75 and was pretty much clueless as to several of the questions, but I got the flavor of the choices … smiles, 50 years ago, my answers would def have included the dragon blade … nowdays, latte is just about right. I’ll check out the book. thanks for the fun.

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