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Forge Your Own Book Club: All the Dirty Secrets by Aggie Blum Thompson

Forge Your Own Book Club: All the Dirty Secrets by Aggie Blum Thompson

All the Dirty SecretsBy Ariana Carpentieri:

It’s currently the middle of summer, which means the weather is warm, the beaches are poppin’, iced coffee is officially in-season, the fireflies are glowing, and the days of relaxing with a good book while basking in the sunshine are finally upon us. If your book club is planning to read All the Dirty Secrets by Aggie Blum Thompson, we’ve got the scoop for you on what to watch, what to drink, what to eat, what to listen to, and what to discuss!

What to Watch:

All the Dirty Secrets focuses on the perspectives of both a mother, Liza Gold, and her standoffish teenage daughter, Zoe. Their relationship has a major shift over the course of the book. So if you love storylines that take place in the summertime with an emphasis on teenage/parent relationships and deep secrets that could tear everything apart, then we suggest you take a look at The Summer I Turned Prettyan Amazon Prime show that portrays love and heartbreak during what should’ve been the perfect summer.

What to Drink:

Chapter one starts off with the mention of a whiskey sour—a drink that will pack the perfect punch for such a strong read like this one. But if you’d rather sip on something a little less potent, then a whiskey sour mocktail would work just as well!

What to Eat:

According to Kaira Rouda, USA Today and international bestselling author, “All the Dirty Secrets will have you racing to the end. This tale was so chillingly real it could have been ripped from the headlines. I loved it!” AKA: You’re going to want to settle in and grab a big bucket of popcorn for this one. You’re in for a wild, thrilling ride.

What to Listen To:

Looking for the perfect playlist to accompany this thrilling read? We’ve got you covered! Aggie put together a killer list of 90s songs that will have you all up in your feels. Click here to check out the full blog post featuring Aggie’s breakdown of her song choices and peruse the Spotify playlist below!

What to Discuss:

Download the All the Dirty Secrets Reading Group Guide for insightful questions to get the discussion going:

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Click below to order your copy of All the Dirty Secrets, available now!

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