Our Favorite Highlights from Dragon Weeks Past

We’ve kicked off our fourth year of all things dragon, but how could we celebrate without looking at some of our favorite articles and round-ups from the past few years? Check out some of our most memorable pieces below and let us know which is your fav!

Dragons Vs. Sharks: Tokyo Drift Style

Graphic of Theodore the Wyvern from The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune vs. the Sharks from West Side Story

A million years ago in 2019, we pit sharks against dragons and kicked off an eternal conflict that has since only evolved. Check out these matchups of dragons vs. sharks from Dragon Week: TOKYO DRIFT!

Dragon Week: Tokyo Drift’s EPIC Dragon-y Entrance Music

Guitar made of fire set against a black background

Dragons have style! You know this. I know this. And the contributors to this rundown of select epic dragon theme music definitely know it. Check it out!

How to Survive a Dragon Attack

Even as we celebrate dragons, we know encountering them in the wild can be dangerous! So we chatted with the experts. People who have spent their whole lives reading about dragons and talking the talk. That’s right. We asked ourselves. Here’s our expert advice on surviving.

The Best and Worse Pop Culture Dragon Slayers

Today, Blood of an Exile author Brian Naslund joins us to talk dragonslayers. Some are heroes. Some are villains. Some of them should LEAVE THOSE DRAGONS ALONE.

Dragon Week 2020: The Most Dragon-y of Playlists

What better way to get into a dragon-like mood than with an EPIC PLAYLIST?!?!? We’ve compiled some of our absolute favorite dragon-inspired tunes and artists so you can vibe with the chaotic energy. You can listen to this in order (GOLD, GOLD, GOLD) or put in on shuffle for maximum mayhem.

How to Feed Your Dragon: 4 Great Meal Recipes to Share with Your New Reptilian Friend

What is the fastest way to a new friend’s heart? Food, duh! Brian Naslund, author of Blood of an Exile and Sorcery of a Queen, is ready to help you win a new dragon BFF with some instructions for some spicy treats. Check out his dragon-friendly(?) dishes below!