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Tor Books Presents…Dragon Week 4: Dragons 4Ever!!

Tor Books Presents…Dragon Week 4: Dragons 4Ever!!

We at Tor are SO excited to bring you Dragon Week 4! You heard us right: 4 consecutive years of dragons! And looks like we’re good for many more, because last year you voted on our Special Dragon Week title, so here we are! Dragons 4ever! Check out our roundup below for all the dragon fun we’ll be sinking our fangs into this week.

Monday, 7/25: Favorite Moments from Dragon Weeks Past

Foreground: A wizard with staff of lightning and magically powerful orb. Background: Enormous dragon with glowing mouth and eyes, wings extended

Tuesday, 7/26: Every Dragon Book Coming from Tor in 2022

Gray night with much moonlight bathing a distant castle as a dragon approaches through the sky

Wednesday, 7/27: What Kind of Burrito Would You Feed a Dragon? John Scalzi Answers

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Thursday, 7/28: 6 SciFi Books That Would Be Better If You Added a Dragon by Jenn Lyons

Star-studded space with a dragon that's the size of planet earth next to planet earth

Friday, 7/29: We Asked R. R. Virdi, Is a Snake a Dragon? 

Purply coiled constrictor snake, shrouded in shadow but glinting with small light

Friday, 7/29: QUIZ—Would You Survive A Dragon Attack?

Mist and / or sand partially obscuring a lithe and fierce dragon, mid-roar