Which Dysfunctional Space Crew Do You Belong In?

by a bunch of raccoons in a trench coat & a cat

In space, everyone can hear you scream when you realize your roommate steals your lunch from the community space fridge. Has anyone every made it through a space voyage completely functionally?

Find out which dysfunctional space crew is your ride-or-die with this quiz!

And while you’ve got books on the brain, the Fractalverse Series by Christopher Paolini is pretty cool. You should read it.

Pre-order Fractal Noise Here:

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25 thoughts on “Which Dysfunctional Space Crew Do You Belong In?

    1. The human body, but not the slow or rapid twitch muscles–the psychic variety–the brain. My first space opera, soon to be released, has a dysfunctional crew (what other kind can compete with other reality shows out there?)

  1. Lol Star Wars? Saw the first one in movie theaters, there was a line around the block. Technology had finally caught up with Sci Fi!

  2. OK, I did the quiz 3 times with different answers each time. It might be a quirk of the page programming, but each time it gave me the same answer, The Stars Now Unclaimed, which the page is promoting. Questionable, at best. Be glad to add the book to my now way overlong reading list anyway.

    1. Some answers correspond to more than one question! Seems Firefly, The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet, and yes, The Stars Now Unclaimed are the most common answers. We recommend ALL of them. And Star Wars. And Collapsing Empire. And Cowboy Bebop.

      Okay fine, we recommend everything.

  3. Well Hell, Cowboy Bebop here I come
    This one book I have not read, better do it quick before I join the crew👽👽

  4. Okay. That’s awesome. I got “Light from Uncommon Stars” and that is totally my TBR next read! EXCELLENT. 😀

    1. I get the feeling the quiz is meant to promote the latest thing that they’re promoting. There may be other answers, but I also got Empress of Forever. So many people getting Stars Now Unclaimed back in ’18 is surprising to me, but it had a marketing push but not a lot of talk after it came out.

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