Forming the Perfect Fantasy Heist Crew

A Summoning of Demons is finally out in the world and while we’re so sad that the Chimera series is over, we are also SO ready to reenter Cate Glass’ world of forbidden sorcery and a ragtag magical crew of ready for whatever espionage, heisting, or skullduggery the Shadow Lord has in store for them. To keep us going, we’re revisiting Cate Glass’ guide to forming the perfect fantasy heist crew! Join along and tell us in the comments which role you’d play in a heist.

Ready to Get Welcomed into the World of Architects of Memory?

In Karen Osborne’s duology, The Memory War, going to the stars means entering an indenture contract with one of the companies that run the spacelanes. While writing the book, Osborne gave a lot of thought into what indenture orientation might look like…then brought her vision to life. Check out her video now to bring yourself into lives of those waiting to sign their contracts, and don’t forget to add Architects of Memory and Engines of Oblivion to your TBR!