How to Survive an Adventurer Attack: A Guide for Dragons

Last year, we asked our smart and wily dragon experts (AKA our staff) an extremely important question: how would you survive a dragon attack? But we decided this isn’t entirely fair to our poor dragon friends, so we took a different angle this year and asked our conquering heroes: how would you survive an ADVENTURER attack? The results: CHAOTIC. The advice: ON POINT. The presentation: FIRE (literally…things got a little toasty over here). Check out ‘How to Survive an Adventurer Attack 101’ here!

What Makes a Dragon a Dragon?

Kevin J. Anderson, author of Spine of the Dragon and upcoming Vengewar, joins us for Dragon Week 2020 after his CONTROVERSIAL inclusion of Godzilla in his round-up of ‘Top Five Deadliest Dragons.’ This year, he’s back to make even more waves by defining what makes a dragon a DRAGON. Check out his explanation below!

Dragon Books of 2020

Welcome to Dragon Week 2020, a celebration of all things Dragon! There are soooooo many epic dragons in literature, from Smaug of The Hobbit to Toothless of How to Train Your Dragon, but can you REALLY ever have enough?! We think not, so we compiled a list of our dragon-y books that came out in 2020, so you…