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New Releases: 7/31/18

Happy New Release Day! Here’s what went on sale today.

Arabella: The Traitor of Mars by David D. Levine

Poster Placeholder of - 96 The tyrant, Napoleon, has been defeated with Arabella and the crew of the Diana leading the final charge. But, victory has come at a tremendous cost. Britain’s savior, Lord Nelson, has not survived the final battle and the good people of the Diana must now return to London as both heroes and pallbearers.

At last husband and wife, Arabella and Captain Singh seem to have earned the attention of great men, ones who have new uses in mind for the Mars Company captain and his young wife. Both Company and Crown have decided that it is time to bring Mars into the folds of Empire, and they think Singh is the perfect man to do it.


The Descent of Monsters by JY Yang

Image Placeholder of - 8 You are reading this because I am dead.

Something terrible happened at the Rewar Teng Institute of Experimental Methods. When the Tensorate’s investigators arrived, they found a sea of blood and bones as far as the eye could see. One of the institute’s experiments got loose, and its rage left no survivors. The investigators returned to the capital with few clues and two prisoners: the terrorist leader Sanao Akeha and a companion known only as Rider.


An Irish Country Love Story by Patrick Taylor

Dark Light: Dawn by Jon Land & Fabrizio Boccardi

Desert Gold and The Light of Western Stars by Zane Grey

Graveyard Shift by Michael F. Haspil


Dreamin’ Sun Vol. 7 Story and art by Ichigo Takano

Hollow Fields (Color Edition) Vol. 2 Story and art by Madeleine Rosca

Made in Abyss Vol. 3 Story and art by Akihito Tsukushi

Non Non Biyori Vol. 10 Story and art by Atto

Occultic;Nine Vol. 3 Story by Chiyomaru Shikura; Art by pako

Species Domain Vol. 5 Story & Art by Shunsuke Noro

The Testament of Sister New Devil Vol. 9 Story by Tetsuto Uesu; Art by Miyakokasiwa


New Releases: 8/1/17

Happy New Release Day! Here’s what went on sale today.

Dark Light: Dawn by Jon Land and Fabrizio Boccardi

Image Placeholder of - 96 Since the dawn of time good and evil have challenged the free will of man. Now the time has come for one man to choose for all human kind.

With an uncanny ability to survive any combat situation, Max Younger has built a heroic life for himself as a Navy SEAL. That is, until a rogue rescue operation plunges him back into a past he thought he’d escaped forever.


Betty Zane and To the Last Man by Zane Grey

The Dreaming Hunt by Cindy Dees and Bill Flippin

End Game by David Hagberg

Eternity’s Mind by Kevin J. Anderson

The Exile by C.T. Adams


Magical Girl Site Vol. 3 Story and art by Kentaro Sato

There’s a Demon Lord on the Floor Vol. 3 Story and art Kawakami Masaki


Sneak Peek: Black Scorpion by Jon Land with Fabrizio Boccardi

Black Scorpion by Jon Land with Fabrizio Boccardi

Read an excerpt of Black Scorpion, the next adventure of The Seven Sins’ Michael “The Tyrant” Tiranno.

ONE: Northern Israel, 950 BC

“They come, oh great King.”

Solomon, weary and weak from going so long without rest, leaned heavily on the shoulder of his son as he emerged from inside his goat-hair tent. Already he and his private guard had fought off two ambushes. Bandits appeared to be to blame, but Solomon suspected otherwise given their weaponry, skill, and the fact that they hadn’t fled when confronted.

Now his heart pounded with anticipation, but also with fear, in the night’s heat. He was so close now, so close to fulfilling the destiny shaped by his father, the great King David. And that reality filled him with the awesome scope of the responsibility before him, along with the price of failure.

He could not fail. The fate of his kingdom was at stake.


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