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#TorChat June 2012 Sweepstakes

Did you participate in today’s #TorChat? We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to your participation in next month’s chat on June 20th!

In the meantime, here’s your chance to win some books. two lucky winners will receive a copy of Existence, KOP Killer, and The Broken Universe, recently published titles from today’s #TorChat guests! Leave a comment below to enter.

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And again, we’d like to thank David Brin, Warren Hammond, and Paul Melko for joining us on Twitter today.

Sweepstakes closes to new entries on June 27th.

To find out who the guests will be for next month’s #TorChat before anyone else, check out the #TorChat sidebar in our newsletter! In the meantime, keep your eye on our Facebook and Twitter where we’ll have details as they’re available. We’ll see you all next month!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. You must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C. to enter. Promotion begins June 20, 2012 at 4:30 p.m. ET. and ends June 27, 2012, 12:00 p.m. ET. Void in Puerto Rico and wherever prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules go here. Sponsor: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.

June #TorChat Lineup Revealed

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This month, we’re going back to our roots on #TorChat! Joining us on June 20th from 4 to 5 PM EST are David Brin, Paul Melko, and Warren Hammond, to talk about science, science fiction, and the future!

Tor Books (@torbooks) is thrilled to announce the June #TorChat, part of a monthly series of genre-themed, hour-long chats created by Tor Books and hosted on Twitter.

This month, #TorChat is going back to its roots – we’re talking about science fiction and the future with three amazing sci-fi novelists. Joining us will be David Brin (@DavidBrin1), scientist, futurist, and the author of the just-published novel Existence; Paul Melko (@paulmelko), the author of the Hugo- and Nebula-nominated novella “The Walls of the Universe” that became the novel The Walls of the Universe, as well as its recently released sequel, The Broken Universe; and Warren Hammond (@WHammondAuthor), the author of the gritty, futuristic KOP series, including the just published KOP Killer. These three authors each have their own vision of the future, and they’ll discuss how they compare in Wednesday’s #TorChat!

The chat will be loosely moderated by Annie Gala (@aaaaaaannie), of Macmillan Digital. We hope that science fiction fans will follow the chat and join in using the Twitter hashtag #TorChat!

About the Authors

DAVID BRIN is a scientist, speaker, technical consultant and world-known author. His novels have been New York Times bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula, and other awards. Brin lives near San Diego, California, with his wife and their three children. Existence, his latest novel, publishes on June 19th.

PAUL MELKO’s fiction has appeared in various magazines and anthologies. Singularity’s Ring, his first novel, and Ten Sigmas and Other Unlikelihoods, a science fiction collection, were both published in 2008. Melko’s work has been nominated for the Sturgeon, Nebula, and Hugo Awards. His latest book, The Broken Universe (sequel to 2009’s The Walls of the Universe) published on June 5th.

WARREN HAMMOND is the author of two previous books, KOP and Ex-KOP, which were hailed by the Denver Post as “an addictively readable mix of hard-boiled detective and science fiction.” Hammond lives with his wife in Denver, Colorado, where he is currently developing a new mystery/noir series. His latest book is KOP Killer, published on June 5th.

About #Torchat
#TorChat is a genre-themed, hour-long chat series created by Tor Books and hosted on Twitter. Guest authors join fans in lively, informative and entertaining discussions of all that’s hot in genre fiction, 140 characters at a time, from 4 – 5 PM EST on the third Wednesday of every month. Each #TorChat revolves around a different genre topic of interest, often of a timely nature, and strives to provide a new media opportunity for readers to connect with their favorite authors.

About Tor Books
Tor Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, is a New York-based publisher of hardcover and softcover books. Founded in 1980, Tor annually publishes what is arguably the largest and most diverse line of science fiction and fantasy ever produced by a single English-language publisher. In 2002, Tor launched Starscape, an imprint dedicated to publishing quality science fiction and fantasy for young readers, including books by critically acclaimed and award winning authors such as Cory Doctorow, Orson Scott Card, and David Lubar. Between an extensive hardcover and trade-softcover line, an Orb backlist program, and a stronghold in mass-market paperbacks, books from Tor have won every major award in the SF and fantasy fields, and has been named Best Publisher 24 years in a row in the Locus Poll, the largest consumer poll in SF.


Why is Your Noir So, Um, Dark?

KOP Killer by Warren Hammond

Written by Warren Hammond

Pick a random science fiction book from the shelf and you’ll likely be swept away by a swashbuckling hero battling for the fate of the universe. Or perhaps you’ll find yourself enthralled by epic clashes of cultures and civilizations. Another dazzling possibility is you’ll get your mind blown by technologies so powerful that they will instantly revolutionize our societies for better or worse.

Science fiction is a genre of big stakes and big ideas.

Therefore the starring roles in most SF stories go to the history-makers. SF protagonists are usually the most consequential individuals in the author’s broad universe. It’s a top-down approach that has kept me coming back story after story, year after year.

But human progress has always come in fits and starts. Progress is a force of nature. Like a volcano, it can go dormant for centuries before spewing massive flurries of innovation. Like a large-scale tornado, it can be fickle, choosing to erase one civilization from the map but leaving the next completely untouched. Progress benefits some but destroys others. What of the people and cultures who draw the unlucky straws of history?

With some notable exceptions, these people tend to be forgotten in science fiction. But it’s their stories that interest me most, and the KOP series is one of those stories.

Planet Lagarto is a failed colony loosely based on the Congo of the early 1900s. Like the Congo, Lagarto was colonized to reach a valuable resource hidden deep in its jungles, a unique fruit that makes an especially intoxicating brandy. But like the Congo’s rubber trade, Lagarto’s big-money market only lasted as long as it took for others to begin producing their own fruit.

When the collapse came, Lagarto’s economy was hollowed to nothing and its empty husk was dumped onto the scrap heap of history. Now Lagarto is a world so corrupted by poverty and perpetual desperation it can never be redeemed. What better place for a hard-as-nails cop story?

Juno Mozambe is a fitting hero for such a world. He is a man with so many bad deeds to his name that redemption is but a pipe dream. A former cop, he was the dirtiest of the dirty. A ruthless enforcer with a mean streak who is now bent on reclaiming the police force he once dominated.

I often get asked what’s wrong with me. Seriously. What happened to me as a child? Why would I make a world so dark and bleak as Lagarto?

My only answer is because I wanted a canvas so black that even the tiniest speck of light would shine like the sun.

Because the people of Lagarto still have hope. Even on this most neglected and abused world, hope still burns. And hope even burns inside the armor-plated heart of a man so jaded by decades of violence that he can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong. Go visit Africa today, and you’ll find that same hopeful spirit in so many people despite a lifetime of drawing the short straw.

For me, there’s nothing more beautiful.


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