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5 Iconic & Dangerous Power Couples of SFF

by a cat

Name a more iconic duo than peanut butter and jelly! Okay, we can. And we will. This is PB&J with magic and swords. 

Your favorite lunchtime sammie can eat its heart out, because here are our favorite dangerous power couples of science fiction & fantasy!

one for my enemy by olivie blakeLev & Sasha from One for My Enemy by Olivie Blake

Heavens (or hells?) to Betsy, *insert expletive*—she’s a daughter of Baba Yaga and he’s a scion of Koschei the Deathless, two centers of witchly power at feud in modern Manhattan, and: 

“Write me a tragedy, Lev Fedorov,” she whispered to him. “Write me a litany of sins. Write me a plague of devastation. Write me lonely, write me wanting, write me shattered and fearful and lost. Then write me finding myself in your arms, if only for a night, and then write it again. Write it over and over, Lev, until we both know the pages by heart. Isn’t that a story, too?” she asked him softly.

Brb, gotta scream

the unspoken name by a.k. larkwoodOlenna & Belthandros Sethennai from The Unspoken Name by A.K. Larkwood

Ohhhhhh, this one’s a classic! She’s the crass and sometimes heretical resident librarian of a cult to the unnamed god of death, and he’s a smarmy, insufferable Garbage Wizard (and not a refuse-based practitioner. No, he is trash, metaphorically speaking). Basically, if you run afoul of either of these two, not only is your whole day ruined but probably your life. Regardless, the author of this blog feature would marry Olenna in less than one (1) mortal heartbeat, if ever so lucky. 

Legends & Lattes by Travis BaldreeViv & Tandry from Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree

Okay, so as a former professional sword-swingin’ adventure-haver, Viv could choose to be dangerous. That’s kind of not her thing anymore, BUT, sometimes the greatest evidence of strength is restraint. She’s decided to no longer live by the sword, and given the amount of problems her and new barista / perhaps crush Tandry could solve with sharpened steel, we’re talking true strength indeed. Look, Viv might not be super into cutting your heart out anymore, but her and Tandry will melt it, and that’s a whole other class of danger. 

Ocean's Echo by Everina MaxwellTennal & Surit from Ocean’s Echo by Everina Maxwell

It’s a classic boy (can read minds) meets boy (tasked with brain-dominating mind-readers by dangerous space fascists) bumpy road romance. Basically, Surit accepted a shady promotion track out of desperation and is to turn telepath socialite Tennal into a weapon. Neither of them are super chill with this, but they are in a lot of danger. Their best chance at survival? Faking that mind-sync, and selling it. And that’s pretty much where they’re at when things really go off the rails. 

The Atlas Paradox by Olivie BlakeCallum Nova from The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake & Me from Real Life, please

Hey, I promise I’m mostly okay. Don’t know what wildness will go down when The Atlas Complex comes out, but this is just what’s up right now. 

Callum Nova art by Little Chmura


[artwork depicting Callum Nova by Little Chmura]


Share the Love of SFF with Our Special Valentine’s Day Greetings!

It’s that time of year where love is everywhere and we at Tor Publishing Group are ready to celebrate the only way we know how—expressing love through books! Share the love with our adorable Valentine’s Day cards, featuring pairings from Legends & Lattes, Book of Night, Wolfsong, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, and One For My Enemy!

Text: Legends & Lattes / Travis Baldree / You Are Brew-tiful Image: Viv and Tandry share a cup of coffee together

Artist credit: Alicia Ramos Castillo (learn more here)

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amazon-1 bn-1 booksamillion-1 ibooks2 66 indiebound-1

Text: One for My Enemy / Olivie Blake / Cross my heart I'd never betray you <3 Image: Two affectionate characters shyly avoid eye contact while red hearts and lines (handdrawn) fill the negative space

Artist credit: Little Chmura (learn more here)

Order One for My Enemy Here:

amazon-2 bn-2 booksamillion-2 ibooks2 53 indiebound-2

Text: Wolfsong / TJ Klune / WOLF you be mine? Image: Artistically rendered sculpted wolf, howling at the moon. The cloud of it's breath is a heart

Artist credit: Chris Sickels – Red Nose Studio (learn more here)

Order Wolfsong Here:

amazon-3 bn-3 booksamillion-3 indiebound-3

Text: Legends & Lattes / Travis Baldree / I Like You A Latte Image: Thimble the mouse very cutely sitting, blowing on his coffee to cool it down

Artist credit: DracoKiro (learn more here)

Order Legends & Lattes Here:

amazon-4 bn-4 booksamillion-4 indiebound-4

Text: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue / V.E. Schwab / Pre-order in paperback / I'll make sure the entire world remembers you Image: two paramours angstily sit.... she looks sad and is wearing a leather jacket and he looks contemplative and has scholarly glasses

Artist credit: Rosie Fowinkle (learn more here)

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Text: Book of Night / Holly Black / Nothing can overshadow our love Image: Text is set against an ornately dark blue and gold background. The words cast a slight shadow

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