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Every Tor Essential in 2020

We at Tor Books believe the true ‘golden age’ of science fiction and fantasy is now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of love for the SFF published in the past. And thus, our Tor Essentials line was born, reintroducing readers to some of our favorite classics from decades past. Need to catch up? Check out this list below for a roundup of every Tor Essential that came out in 2020!

Sunburst Awards Shortlist Announced

The short list for the 2015 Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic have been announced! My Real Children, by Jo Walton, is listed in the Adult Fiction category, with Peter Watts’ Echopraxia among the Honourable Mentions. Plus, A. M. Dellamonica’s Child of a Hidden Sea by A. M. Dellamonica made the Honourable Mentions for the Young Adult category.…

Book Trailer: Echopraxia by Peter Watts

Echopraxia by Peter Watts Prepare for a different kind of singularity in Peter Watts’ Echopraxia, the follow-up to the Hugo-nominated novel Blindsight. It’s the eve of the twenty-second century: a world where the dearly departed send postcards back from Heaven and evangelicals make scientific breakthroughs by speaking in tongues; where genetically engineered vampires solve problems…