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The Atlas Paradox: Who’s Your Nemesis??

The Atlas Paradox by Olivie BlakeIn the not-so-distant past, we employed a Handy Quiz to help fans of Olivie Blake’s tantalizing / adrenalinizing The Atlas Six identify the perfect S-tier medeian to watch their back.

Today—in celebration of the paperback edition of The Atlas Paradox (now available!)—we utilize the same Quiz Science to determine which magician will be stabbing it 😈🔪

After all, the only things you should keep closer than your friends, are your enemies ❤️

Check it out!

Buy The Atlas Paradox in Paperback Here:

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What Type of Ghost Are You?

By Julia Bergen

the mystery at dunvegan castle by t.l. huchuIt’s a fact: the universe has been around a long, long time, so we’ll probably be ghosts for longer than we’re mortals.

We have a question: If we’re gonna spend so much time as unbound spirits, what kind are we going to be?

The Mystery at Dunvegan Castle is the third novel in the ghostly and exciting Edinburgh Nights series from critically-acclaimed author T. L. Huchu! In the spirit (ha) of this hauntingly engrossing read, we at Tor have designed a handy questionnaire that’ll provide guidance on what variety of phantom you are destined to become, plus a book recommendation to match 👻

Check it out!

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What Summer Dessert Best Fits Your Personality? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

At the Coffee Shop of CuriositiesFrom the USA Today bestselling author of In the Middle of Hickory Lane comes Heather Webber’s next enchanting novel, At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities!

A mysterious letter. An offer taken. And the chance to move forward.

When Ava Harrison receives a letter containing an unusual job listing one month after the sudden death of her ex-boyfriend, she thinks she’s being haunted. The listing—a job as a live-in caretaker for a peculiar old man and his cranky cat in Driftwood, Alabama—is the perfect chance to start a new life. A normal life. Ava has always been too fearful to even travel, so no one’s more surprised than she is when she throws caution to the wind and drives to the distant beachside town.

On the surface, Maggie Mae Brightwell is a bundle of energy as she runs Magpie’s, Driftwood’s coffee and curiosity shop, where there’s magic to be found in pairing the old with the new. But lurking under her cheerful exterior is a painful truth—keeping busy is the best way to distract herself from the lingering loss of her mama and her worries about her aging father. No one knows better than she does that you can’t pour from an empty cup, but holding on to the past is the only thing keeping the hope alive that her mama will return home one day.

Ava and Maggie soon find they’re kindred spirits, as they’re both haunted—not by spirits, but by regret. Both must learn to let go of the past to move on—because sometimes the waves of change bring you to the place where you most belong.

Yummy desserts are always a delight to order at your favorite local coffee shop. Take the quiz below to find out what type of sweet summertime treat YOU’D be!

Click below to pre-order your copy of At the Coffee Shop of Curiositiesavailable 8.01.23!

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What Type of Hot Dog are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Raw DogRaw Dog will leave you nourished.” —BuzzFeed

Part travelogue, part culinary history, all capitalist critique—comedian Jamie Loftus’s debut, Raw Dog, will take you on a cross-country road trip in the summer of 2021, and reveal what the creation, culture, and class influence of hot dogs says about America now.

Hot dogs. Poor people created them. Rich people found a way to charge fifteen dollars for them. They’re high culture, they’re low culture, they’re sports food, they’re kids’ food, they’re hangover food, and they’re deeply American, despite having no basis whatsoever in America’s Indigenous traditions. You can love them, you can hate them, but you can’t avoid the great American hot dog.

Raw Dog: The Naked Truth About Hot Dogs is part investigation into the cultural and culinary significance of hot dogs and part travelog documenting a cross-country road trip researching them as they’re served today. From avocado and spice in the West to ass-shattering chili in the East to an entire salad on a slice of meat in Chicago, Loftus, her pets, and her ex eat their way across the country during the strange summer of 2021. It’s a brief window into the year between waves of a plague that the American government has the resources to temper, but not the interest.

So grab a dog, lay out your picnic blanket, and dig into the delicious and inevitable product of centuries of violence, poverty, and ambition, now rolling around at your local 7-Eleven.

Take the quiz below to find out what type of hot dog YOU’D be!

Click below to pre-order your copy of Raw Dog, available 5.23.23!

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Do You Have What It Takes To Join The Kaiju Preservation Society?

By Julia Bergen

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Last year, John “Upsetting Burrito Extraordinaire” Scalzi gave us another rousing science fiction romp in The Kaiju Preservation Society, now available in paperback! Readers everywhere continue to wonder, could I do it? Am I scrappy enough to preserve Kaiju? 

Answers are one short quiz away, courtesy of our Kaiju preservation experts at Tor Books.

Check it out!

Buy The Kaiju Preservation Society Here:

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Sweet Tooth For Reading: A Book-Candy Quiz 🥰

Books. Candy. Two great, ultimately non-specific, tastes that go great together!

To help with that specificity, the us literary / confectionary researchers at Tor have developed a quick quiz to discern the fine points within your taste for treats, and recommend a piece of fine fiction.

Take the quiz. You deserve a little treat : )


Would You Survive A Dragon Attack?

How many times has this happened to you: It’s a normal day, and then—WHAM, dragons attack?

Hey, don’t worry. Happens to us all. That’s why we developed this quiz to assess your chances of survival in the face of aggro’d dragons. Good luck!

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