SFF Books to Gift Every Member of Your Weird and Cranky Family

‘Tis the season for yearly awkward family holiday interactions! And what’s more stressful than trying to find that perfect gift for blood relatives? Is your mom forbidding you from giving your terrible aunt a bottle of $15 Chardonnay for the fourth year in a row? We’ve got you covered—check out our extremely helpful and entirely appropriate holiday gift guide to help *inspire* you!

Announcing Tor Books Programming at San Diego Comic-Con @ Home 2020!

San Diego Comic-Con has gone virtual this year, and while we’re sad not to see all of our amazing fans and readers in person, we are so excited to join everyone through your screens!  Tor Books and Publishing are proud to announce a long list of virtual programming starting on July 23, so see below for our digital panels, and don’t forget to check out our virtual booth at #2701!

To learn more about SDCC @ Home 2020, find the website here, and follow the #TorSDCC2020 hashtag on Twitter for updates from the show!

The Curious Case Files of The House in the Cerulean Sea

Dear Visitor,

You have been chosen for the most important of assignments. You are now privy to CLASSIFIED LEVEL FOUR case files, six belonging to the children at the Marsyas Island Orphanage, the seventh to Master Arthur Parnassus. These will be crucial in your evaluation of the orphanage, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you share these files with the residents or anyone without Level Four clearance. We have also included some of our most important Rules & Regulations, as a reminder for our expectations of your conduct during your stay at the orphanage.