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New Releases: 5/1/18

Happy New Release day! Here’s what went on sale today.

A Dog’s Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron

Place holder  of - 46 Lucas Ray is shocked when an adorable puppy jumps out of an abandoned building and into his arms. Though the apartment he shares with his mother, a disabled veteran, doesn’t allow dogs, Lucas can’t resist taking Bella home.

Bella is inexplicably drawn to Lucas, even if she doesn’t understand the necessity of games like No Barks. As it becomes more difficult to hide her from the neighbors, Lucas begins to sneak Bella into the VA where he works. There, Bella brings joy and comfort where it is needed most.

Ban This Book by Alan Gratz

Poster Placeholder of - 64 In Ban This Book by Alan Gratz, a fourth grader fights back when From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg is challenged by a well-meaning parent and taken off the shelves of her school library. Amy Anne is shy and soft-spoken, but don’t mess with her when it comes to her favorite book in the whole world. Amy Anne and her lieutenants wage a battle for the books that will make you laugh and pump your fists as they start a secret banned books locker library, make up ridiculous reasons to ban every single book in the library to make a point, and take a stand against censorship.

Medusa Uploaded by Emily Devenport

Image Place holder  of - 30 My name is Oichi Angelis, and I am a worm.

A generation starship can hide many secrets. When an Executive clan suspects Oichi of insurgency and discreetly shoves her out an airlock, one of those secrets finds and rescues her. Officially dead, Oichi begins to rebalance power one assassination at a time and uncovers the shocking truth behind the generation starship and the Executive clans.

The Military Science of Star Wars by George Beahm

Placeholder of  -7 The first ever in-depth analysis of the tactics and equipment used by the heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe has arrived! Spanning all of the films, this comprehensive book goes in to detail about the various guerrilla tactics of the Rebel Alliance and the awe-inspiring might of the Grand Army of the Republic and Darth Vader’s Empire.

Including detailed examples from Earth’s military history, bestselling author George Beahm illustrates how a merciless empire managed to subdue a galaxy with the application of overwhelming force and technology, and how a ragtag group of rebels could cobble together enough of a punch to topple a seemingly-unbeatable enemy.



Black Helicopters by Caitlin R. Kiernan

Image Placeholder of - 60 Just as the Signalman stood and faced the void in Agents of Dreamland, so it falls to Ptolema, a chess piece in her agency’s world-spanning game, to unravel what has become tangled and unknowable.

Something strange is happening on the shores of New England. Something stranger still is happening to the world itself, chaos unleashed, rational explanation slipped loose from the moorings of the known.


And Into the Fire by Robert Gleason

Give Your Heart to the Hawks by Win Blevins

Gone to Dust by Matt Goldman

King Rat by China Mieville

Pawn by Timothy Zahn

Tiassa by Steven Brust


Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Light Novel) Vol. 2 Story by Ryo Shirakome; Art by Takaya-ki

If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Vol. 1 Story by Chirolu, Art by Hota

Lord Marksman and Vanadis Vol. 7 Story by Tsukasa Kawaguchi; Art by Nobuhiko Yanai

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Vol. 6 Story and art by coolkyousinnjya

Nameless Asterism Vol. 2 Story and art by Kina Kobayashi

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Vol. 1 


New Releases: 6/21/16

Here’s what went on sale today!

Judenstaat by Simone Zelitch

Judenstaat by Simone ZelitchOn April 4th, 1948 the sovereign state of Judenstaat was created in the territory of Saxony, bordering Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia .

Forty years later, Jewish historian Judit Klemmer is making a documentary portraying Judenstaat’s history from the time of its founding to the present. She is haunted by the ghost of her dead husband, Hans, a Saxon, shot by a sniper as he conducted the National Symphony. With the grief always fresh, Judit lives a half-life, until confronted by a mysterious, flesh-and-blood ghost from her past who leaves her controversial footage on one of Judenstaat’s founding fathers–and a note:

“They lied about the murder.”

Stealing Fire by Win Blevins and Meredith Blevins

Stealing Fire by Win Blevins and Meredith Blevins

When Navajo detective Yazzie Goldman sees a hood hassling an old man, he has no idea what a long fall into trouble it heralds.

The old man turns out to be none other than the most famous architect in the world, Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright e is carrying the sketches for his most important building, the Guggenheim Museum. Some bad people are after him: A Chicago gangster wants Wright to pay back money he’s borrowed. One of Wright’s apprentices wants to steal the drawings and sell them. So does the son of the gangster.

The Sword of Midras by Tracy Hickman and Richard Garriott

The Sword of Midras by Tracy Hickman and Richard GarriottAbandoned by the mighty Avatars and their Virtues, the people who remained were left defenseless in an untamed land. That is, until the Obsidians came. Through dark sorcery and overwhelming force the Obsidian Empire brought order to chaos, no matter the cost.

Aren Bendis is a Captain in the Obsidian Army who has seen enough of what a world without Virtue looks like and is willing to do whatever it takes to establish a lasting peace. But after finding a magical sword that only he can wield, a sword his trusted scout, Syenna, claims is a blade once used by the legendary Avatars, Aren is thrown into a far more unfamiliar battle. One fought with whispered words and betrayal instead of swords and arrows.

The Weaver’s Lament by Elizabeth Haydon

The Weaver’s Lament by Elizabeth HaydonFor a thousand years, the lands ruled by the Cymrian Alliance have been at peace. When the brutal death of a dear friend catapults the kingdom to the brink of civil war, Rhapsody finds herself in an impossible situation: forced to choose between her beloved husband, Ashe, and her two oldest friends, Grunthor and Achmed. Choosing her husband will mean the death of thousands of innocents. Siding against him will cost Rhapsody the other half of her soul, both in this life and the next.

In The Weaver’s Lament, the lines between the past and future are irrevocably blurred, and the strength of true love is tested in unthinkable ways. Bestselling author Elizabeth Haydon has delivered a spectacular conclusion to the Symphony of Ages.


Pride’s Spell by Matt Wallace

Pride's Spell by Matt WallaceThe team at Sin du Jour—New York’s exclusive caterers-to-the-damned—find themselves up against their toughest challenge, yet when they’re lured out west to prepare a feast in the most forbidding place in America: Hollywood, where false gods rule supreme.

Meanwhile, back at home, Ritter is attacked at home by the strangest hit-squad the world has ever seen, and the team must pull out all the stops if they’re to prevent themselves from being offered up as the main course in a feast they normally provide.


The Unnoticeables by Robert Brockway

The Unnoticeables by Robert BrockwayThere are angels, and they are not beneficent or loving. But they do watch over us. They watch our lives unfold, analyzing us for repeating patterns and redundancies. When they find them, the angels simplify those patterns and remove the redundancies, and the problem that is “you” gets solved.

Carey doesn’t much like that idea. As a punk living in New York City, 1977, Carey is sick and tired of watching strange kids with unnoticeable faces abduct his friends. He doesn’t care about the rumors of tar-monsters in the sewers or unkillable psychopaths invading the punk scene—all he wants is to drink cheap beer and dispense ass-kickings.


Freezing Vol. 9-10 by Dall-Young Lim

Not Lives Vol. 2 by Wataru Karasuma

See upcoming releases.

The Darkness Rolling Wins Wordcraft Circle Thriller Award

The Darkness Rolling by Win Blevins and Meredith Blevins

Authors Win and Meredith Blevins were recently awarded the Wordcraft Circle of Native American Writers and Storytellers of the Year award for fiction in the thriller genre for their novel The Darkness Rolling.

The 2015 winners were selected from an open nomination process and awarded by a panel of Wordcraft Circle members, scholars, writers, and storytellers. Awardees will be honored on the evening of December 5th at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as part of the Returning the Gift gathering.

The Darkness Rolling, published by Forge Books in June 2015, follows Seaman Yazzie Goldman who returns to his family’s trading post in Monument Valley to find that not much — and everything — had changed in his reservation. A thrilling, heart-pounding read of family, adventure, romance, and vengeance, The Darkness Rolling is the first in an evocative historical mystery series by award-winning authors Win and Meredith Blevins. Its sequel, Stealing Fire, will release in June 2016.

The author of more than thirty novels, Win Blevins’s previous accolades include two Spur Awards, the Owen Wister Award for Lifetime Achievement, two Wordcraft Circle’s Writer of the Year awards, and induction into the Western Writers Hall of Fame. Meredith Blevins is a mystery novelist and award-winning travel writer, best known for The Hummingbird Wizard, Long and Winding Road, and Red Hot Empress. Together, the husband and wife duo has written The Darkness Rolling and Moonlight Water, a novel of self-discovery set in a Native American reservation.

Buy The Darkness Rolling today: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |
Books-a-Million | iBooks | Indiebound | Powell’s



The Birth of Stone Song

Stone Song by Win Blevins books

Written by Win Blevins

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of his book Stone Song, author Win Blevins looks back at the forty year path the book has taken him on.

Up a creek without a paddle. When I was a kid, that was what we called it.

1976. I’d made some bucks and spent a year reading the history of the West and driving across its deserts, running its rivers, and climbing its peaks, looking for its heart and soul. I wanted to find the right story to get the land and the people to speak their hearts and sing their souls and let me write down their song.

A young man’s foolishness? As it turned out, no.

I found the story—the life of the extraordinary Lakota (Sioux) leader Crazy Horse, Tashunke Witko, His Horses are Crazy. But for one damnable reason I couldn’t write it. He was a man who lived his life guided by visions. I’d stopped believing in visions when I walked out the door of the church twenty years before, and refused to go back. So how could I possibly understand him, see into his soul, hear the song of his heart?

I was mesmerized by him. I had to tell his story. And I couldn’t. Absolutely not.

A single discovery opened a door. I needed to stop looking in books. The kind of knowledge I needed, to feel his truth so I could tell it, lived in experiences, not in books.

So I went into the sweat lodge, as he did. I went over and over. I smoked the pipe. Though I didn’t know exactly what, I felt something real in those gestures, something less important to me as a writer than as a man.

Still uncertain of the path I was walking and where it led, I became a pipe carrier, which is a kind of minor priesthood. And something dawned on me. I had had an extraordinary, trance-like experience more than a decade before.

I went into the sweat lodge with my mentor. He counseled me about what I had seen. I came out with two realizations. I saw that even before I tried to find Crazy Horse, I myself had had a crucial, life-changing vision. And now I must make a pledge to go on twelve vision quests and allow other… whatever they are… to come to me.

I will complete the twelfth quest sometime next month, the twentieth anniversary of the publication of my story of the life of Crazy Horse, Stone Song. I gave it that name because Crazy Horse tied a small stone behind his ear and listened to its wisdom.

In the intervening years I have had scores of what people call visions, though I prefer the word “trances.” I have danced the sun dance. I have shed my blood ceremonially. In short, I put my foot on the red road as an act of trust, and walked where it has led me. Forty years along the path, I am a far different man.

The actual writing of the book came in the middle years of those forty. In the early 1990s I wrote and wrote, asking to be open to gifts of awareness I did not have. Awareness came, partly from Lakotas who told me the stories that they have passed down verbally about their great man. Partly from what seemed to be the presence and inspiration of the man himself, Crazy Horse. Daily I spoke to him gratefully as Tunkashila, Grandfather.

The reception of the book exceeded all my hopes. I went to sun dance at Wounded Knee shortly after publication. There the impossible happened.

One sun dancer made the blood sacrifice to the sacred tree in an extraordinary way that should not be described here. When he was finished, chest running red, he looked around at the scores of people who stood witness to his act. His blood entitled him at that moment to take his sacred pipe to anyone he chose and offer that person the opportunity to make a wish on it.

He chose me. Impossible, because he had never seen me before, had no idea who this stranger might be, but… He chose me.

I took the pipe from him. What, said my inner voice, are truly my hopes for Stone Song? They cannot be simply for me. Somehow they must embrace more.

All Lakota ceremonies end with the same two words, mitakuye oyasin—We are all related. I asked myself for a wish for all of us, and the words came.

“Pipe,” I said silently, “may Stone Song change a million hearts.”

The book has had many, many readers—I will never know how many. Some have told me that reading it changed their lives. Such is the gift of that pipe on that elevated day.

Now, on the twentieth anniversary of its launch into the world, as it continues to enter minds and hearts, I make the same wish. May Stone Song change a million hearts. And then another million, and another, and…

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On the Road: Tor/Forge Author Events in June

The Darkness Rolling by Win Blevins and Meredith BlevinsLong Black Curl by Alex BledsoeSeriously Wicked by Tina Connolly

Tor/Forge authors are on the road in June! Once a month, we’re collecting info about all of our upcoming author events. Check and see who’ll be coming to a city near you:

Alex Bledsoe, Long Black Curl

Thursday, June 11
A Room of One’s Own
Madison, WI
6:00 PM

Saturday, June 13
The Avid Reader
Davis, CA
7:30 PM

Sunday, June 14
Borderlands Books
San Francisco, CA
3:00 PM

Saturday, June 27
Mystery to Me Bookstore
Madison, WI
2:00 PM

Win and Meredith Blevins, The Darkness Rolling

Saturday, June 20
The Poisoned Pen
Scottsdale, AZ
2:00 PM

Tuesday, June 23
Albuquerque, NM
7:00 PM

Tuesday, June 30
Marie’s Bookshop
Durango, CO
6:30 PM

Tina Connolly, Seriously Wicked

Thursday, June 4
Stayton Public Library
Stayton, OR
7:00 PM

Saturday, June 6
Also with Fonda Lee, Ali Berman, Paula Stokes, and Mary Elizabeth Summer
Barnes & Noble
Beaverton, OR
2:00 PM

Thursday, June 18
Raven Book Store
Lawrence, KS
7:00 PM

Alan Gratz, The Dragon Lantern

Tuesday, June 9
Asheville, NC
7:00 PM

Peter Orullian, Trial of Intentions

Monday, June 1
Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing
Beaverton, OR
7:00 PM

Tuesday, June 2
Weller Book Works
Salt Lake City, UT
6:00 PM

Wednesday, June 3
Barnes & Noble
Orem, UT
7:00 PM

Anne A. Wilson, Hover

Tuesday, June 2
The Poisoned Pen
Scottsdale, AZ
7:00 PM

Dan Wells, The Devil’s Only Friend

Tuesday, June 16
Weller Book Works
Salt Lake City, UT
6:00 PM

Wednesday, June 17
Barnes & Noble University Crossings Plaza
Orem, UT
6:00 PM

News: Dreams Beneath Your Feet by Win Blevins is a 2009 Spur Finalist

Place holder  of - 89Dreams Beneath Your Feet, by Win Blevins, has been named a finalist for the Western Writers of America 2009 Spur Awards competition for the Best Short Novel Category!

Since 1952 The Western Writers of America have honored the best in Western fiction, nonfiction, and film scripting. The award will be presented at the Spur Award luncheon on June 19, 2009.

For More info, visit:

Congratulations and good luck to Win!

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