Starred PW for Daniel Abraham/The Price of Spring

The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham receives a Starred review in the May 25 Publishers Weekly!
They call it: “Abraham’s melancholy and near-perfect conclusion to the Long Price Quartet”

The Price of Spring
Abraham, Daniel (Author)
Series Title: Long Price Quartet
ISBN: 076531343X
Tom Doherty Associates
Published 2009-07
Hardcover, $27.99 (352p)
Fiction | Fantasy | Epic

Reviewed 2009-05-25

“Nothing ever goes the way I plan,” laments Otah, long-suffering emperor of the Khaiem, concisely summarizing Abraham’s melancholy and near-perfect conclusion to the Long Price Quartet. Fifteen years after the disaster that led to the sterilization of all Khaiem women and Galtish men in 2008’s An Autumn War, Otah seeks an alliance between the two long-warring nations in hopes of there being a next generation, while former poet Maati tries to teach young women to summon andat, beings that embody and control concepts. Maati’s student Vanjit harnesses the andat Clarity-of-Sight, but war trauma transforms her from possible savior into deranged dictator. Abraham shies away from the blood and swashbuckling of the previous novels, instead telling a tale of forgiveness and catharsis that concludes this complex saga with mixed notes of sadness and hope. (July)