25 things to do while waiting for Towers of Midnight


I know. I know. The wait must be killing you by now.  Try to relax.  November 2nd will be here soon, and there are plenty of things we can all do to occupy our time until the release of Towers of Midnight.

So before you lose your marbles, consider the following 25 suggestions:

  1. Wash the spears. You will need them when Tarmon Gai’don begins
  2. Take your wolf brother for a nice relaxing walk
  3. Raise the banner of Malkier in your backyard and see who shows up
  4. Make an apple pie since you have plenty on hand now.
  5. Fantasize about what Ajah you’ll join one day
  6. Play Snakes and Foxes with your best friend until one of you wins
  7. Take a camping trip to the parking lot of your local bookstore
  8. Tease your boyfriend with your best Tinker shawl dance
  9. Tease your girlfriend with your best Tinker shawl dance and hope she doesn’t dump you
  10. Book your hotel room for JordanCon
  11. Start your own Ajah
  12. Practice your juggling and other gleeman’s skills
  13. Adopt a piglet and name it Mat
  14. Eat every meal this week with sursa
  15. Scribble the Dragon’s Fang on your sibling’s door
  16. Reorganize your RAFO cards
  17. Look for the Waygate that opens up to the Tor offices thinking that you’ll be able to steal a copy of Towers of Midnight
  18. Start your Wheel of Time costume for Halloween (I’m going to be a Tinker!)
  19. Teach your dog to obey commands in the Old Tongue
  20. Play Magic: The Gathering (Maybe the extra practice will give you the edge you need to beat Brandon on tour)
  21. Practice your sword forms
  22. Go to Starbucks and attempt to order kaf
  23. Hunt down the remaining renegade Black Ajah
  24. Attempt to trick your crush into a Seanchan marriage
  25. Ignore me. You’re going to keep drinking and keep bloody gambling. No woman is going to walk into your life and start telling you what to do.

Laura Fitzgerald is the Internet Marketing Assistant at Tor Books and Sitter for the Ochre Ajah, an Ajah she made up while waiting for Towers of Midnight.  The Ochre Ajah is dedicated to improving the taste of muffins and other baked goods through the One Power.  They are currently accepting petitions from hopeful aspirants on the Tor Books Twitter.


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