Enjoy an Ask Me No Questions-themed Cocktail Recipe!

There’s not long to wait until Ask Me No Questions, Shelley Noble’s wickedly clever tale of a widow turned sleuth in turn-of-the-twentieth century New York City comes to a bookstore near you. But we’ve never liked waiting, so like all the great characters we meet in Noble’s new book, we think a good cocktail would help pass the time.

As soon as Phil was dressed and her hair had been tidied, she sent Lily on her way to the kitchen, and she took herself to the parlor, hoping not for tea but for one of Bev鈥檚 cocktails. Even a glass of sherry would suffice, though she really hated sherry.

Another good thing about America, she noted, as she went down the stairs. Ladies weren鈥檛 stuck drinking sherry and tea but indulged in cocktails and whiskey and soda and all manner of things. Yes, once they were past this murder business she thought she would enjoy living here very much.


So here’s a recipe for a simple classic to hold in one hand as you demure and solve murders:

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