The Definitive Guide to the Caitlin Strong Series

By Jennifer McClelland-Smith

Jon Land is back with the explosive tenth addition to the Caitlin Strong series, Strong As Steel. Fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, the kick-ass female protagonist thriller fans can’t get enough of, finds herself revisiting a case first investigated by her father in 1994. But how did she get here? Follow her journey in the recap below!


Strong Enough to Die
We’re introduced to Caitlin as she finds herself at an impasse. Proud to carry on the legacy of her family, a deadly shoot-out causes her to question everything she believed to be true. We also meet Caitlin’s tried-and-true partner, outlaw Cort Wesley Masters. Caitlin is pitted against an evil corporation and the journey to defeat them ranges from Bahrain to Mexico. It’s an explosive introduction of a beloved protagonist.

Strong Justice
While on the case pursuing a group of white slavers in Texas, Caitlin is confronted by the memories of her grandfather’s time as a Ranger. Past and present collide and Caitlin finds herself facing death in the very border town where her grandfather presided so many years ago.



Strong at the Break
The past plays a part in the next book in the series when Caitlin faces the son of a cult-like leader of a separatist church her own father challenged years before. The head of the anarchist group is hell-bent on creating a civil war and the very future of the country sits squarely on Caitlin’s shoulders.


Strong Vengeance
Caitlin finds herself investigating the mass murder of an offshore oil rig crew, and this investigation uncovers an unspeakable terrorist plot about to unfold. It’s a race against time as Caitlin hunts down the madman and his army determined to attack.



Strong Rain Falling
History repeats itself once again as Caitlin & Cort team up to battle Mexican drug dealers, just as her grandfather and great-grandfather had done before her. This time the criminals are targeting Cort’s teenage sons. It’s no-holds-barred as this Ranger and outlaw duo will stop at nothing to see justice served.


Strong Darkness
Her great-grandfather tracked down a serial killer in Texas in 1883. Caitlin finds herself tracking a serial killer who’s tactics are eerily similar. At the same time, she finds herself face-to-face with the Chinese underworld determined to destroy the United States. Jon Land’s storytelling prowess is on display in this tightly-wound thriller.


Strong Light of Day
Caitlin Strong has taken on all kinds of bad guys, but is she ready to face billionaire oil man Calum Dane? His connection to the disappearance of her outlaw lover’s son is all this fiery Texas Ranger needs to fight until justice is won.



Strong Cold Dead
In the highest-stakes adventure yet, Caitlin goes to war with a vengeful tycoon mining a toxin ISIS would love to get its hands on. Once again, the past comes into vivid focus as this facedown strongly resembles the time her great-great-grandfather stood down John D. Rockefeller.


Strong to the Bone
Caitlin returns to take on a rival her father hunted for years and never caught, Neo-Nazi leader Armand Fisker. But his army of willing followers and deadly bio-weapon are no match for Caitlin and Cort at their toughest as they fight a battle that should have been won years ago.