Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Heart of Barkness Cover!

We all love the final result, but how did we get such a good shot of Chet & Bernie? Well, it took a little book cover magic, a talented photographer, and one very good boy!


The first thing we needed was a Chet and a Bernie!


Thankfully we found some great models to bring Chet and Bernie to life.


The next step was to find the right location! Would we go with an empty street, or maybe Bernie’s favorite watering hole?


Our amazing doggo model had one flaw though! Unlike Chet, he didn’t have one white ear. We tried to help…

And Simon was a very good boy. But the white didn’t stick on his lovely black fur!

So we used the magic of photo editing to turn Simon into Chet!


And it all turned out great, with Chet the star of the cover. Get a closer look at Heart of Barkness at your favorite bookstore!


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2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Heart of Barkness Cover!

  1. Love the cover. I’m looking at it now and I smile every time. I was wondering if “Bernie” has a treat in his hand. ‘cuz Chet has his head and his gaze just right

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