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Discover The Mystic Trilogy by Jason Denzel!

Discover The Mystic Trilogy by Jason Denzel!

We are so excited, but also so sad to be publishing the final book in the The Mystic Trilogy, Mystic Skies, on 10.11.22. But don’t worry, just because the series is ending doesn’t mean it’s the end of all the amazing content celebrating this enchanting epic fantasy! Check out this special message from author Jason Denzel, plus a series trailer!

By Jason Denzel

On behalf of Tor Books, I’m proud to present the media trailer for The Mystic Trilogy.

This video is produced by me and features artwork from cover artist Larry Rostant and illustrator Ariel Burgess, as well as a voice over by Kitty Rallo.

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Two decades ago, around 2002-2003, before my kids were born and before the practicalities of a day job and mortgage payments settled over me, I was heavily into filmmaking. Young, starry-eyed me had grand ideas for developing a portfolio of short fantasy films that would unlock a wondrous Hollywood career. 

One such idea was to produce a trilogy of short films that would focus on a protagonist who would grow in age and experience and power with each installment. The first short would showcase their attempt to become a Mystic’s apprentice. The second film would take place years later, during a rare celestial event and when a rival strolled into town. And the concluding volume would take place decades after that and would capture a full-on magical battle between 2 warring masters vying for control of the land. All three of those shorts would be shot on location, and would feature the latest computer graphics that my 2003-era iMac could handle.

Of course, those films never happened. But something better did: I wrote them as books. 

No longer constrained by a shoestring budget (or 2003-era iMac special effects), I took those core ideas and blossomed them into The Mystic Trilogy book series. And I’m delighted that at long last, the concluding volume, Mystic Skies, will be published by Tor Books on October 11.

Apprentice. Mystic. Master. 

From the very start, the plan was to examine the life of a starry-eyed young person who was full of hope and optimism and then put them through the grinder of life and love and loss. The key element for me was to discover a protagonist who did not break under the onslaught of life. I needed a hero who retained their spirit and hope and strength despite all that they’d been through. 

And there she came, out of the foggy Myst of my imagination, the person this story needed: Pomella AnDone. 

The first book in the series, Mystic, explores Pomella’s youth. Mystic Dragon explores the fire. And now, on October 11, Mystic Skies brings the story full circle and examines the culmination of her choices and actions. 

The Mystic Trilogy begins with a strong YA vibe, but the three books are best described, I think, as adult fantasy. I deliberately worked to make these stories accessible to mature readers of all ages, and to be something that multiple generations of readers could share and enjoy.

You can begin reading right away. The free, unpublished series prologue is available on my website, and you can get sample chapters for all three books from If you prefer audiobooks, you’re in luck because the incredibly talented and accomplished Mary Robinette Kowal performs each one. 

The end of The Mystic Trilogy is almost here. But like the Myst that permeates Pomella’s world, this story is everlasting and is always ready for new dreamers to experience it. 

Jason Denzel is the founder of Dragonmount, the leading online community for Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” saga and the web’s top destination for franchise-related news, features, and discussion. Dragonmount has been featured in USA Today, CNN, ABC, Wired, and the Los Angeles Times. Denzel lives in Northern California with his two young boys, and owns a lot of swords. He is the author of the Mystic Trilogy (Mystic, Mystic Dragon, and Mystic Skies).

Pre-order Mystic Skies Here:

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