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Forge’s Food & Drink Pairings for Your Book Club: Summer Edition!

By Ariana Carpentieri:

Nothing beats grabbing a book on a sunny day, settling in, cracking it open, and relaxing the day away by getting lost within the pages. It’s essentially the human equivalent of being a house-cat. But you know what would take your reading day over the top? If you had the perfect food and drink to pair with your sensational summer reads! We’ve got you covered there, cool cats. Read onwards to see what we suggest you match up with your Forge summer reading list!

Bark to the Future by Spencer Quinn

Bark to the Future

What to eat: Chet and Bernie, the best human and dog duo around, are big fans of eating at Burger Heaven. So we suggest you fire up the grill and make a burger for yourself to chow down on as you read this book!

What to drink: To pair with your burger, we feel an all-American classic Coca-Cola is the perfect way to go.

In the Middle of Hickory Lane by Heather Webber

In the Middle of Hickory Lane

What to eat: This wholesome read will have you craving something equally as sweet to eat (not to mention that cupcake on the cover looks pretty appetizing!) so we’d highly suggest taking a look at this wonderful roundup of summer treats that author Heather Webber put together herself when choosing what yummy dessert you’d like to pair with this read!

What to drink: A sweet read calls for a sweet drink (do you see a central theme here?) so we think a frozen strawberry daiquiri would really be the icing on the cake.

All the Dirty Secrets by Aggie Blum Thompson

All the Dirty Secrets

What to eat: This book is gripping and will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, so trust us when we say you’re going to grab a big ‘ole bucket of popcorn for this one.

What to drink: Chapter one starts off with the mention of a whiskey sour, so we think sipping on a drink like this would be the perfect choice for a book as strong as this one.

Omega Rules by Eric Van LustbaderOmega Rules

What to eat: This book is full of adventure, thrilling twists, and plenty of action. We think a classy, hearty meal like grilled salmon that’s also rich in Omega-3 (see what we did there?) would be an excellent choice to pair with this book.

What to drink: An equally as classy drink to go along with your refined meal? A martini, of course. Shaken or stirred; whichever floats your boat.

Midnight on the Marne by Sarah Adlakha

Midnight on the Marne

What to eat: With its backdrop being an occupied France in an alternative timeline, we think having a French-inspired dessert such as macarons to munch on would be the pièce de résistance.

What to drink: This book is powerful, captivating, and entrancing. So we think the best drink to go with such a fantastic read is a classic iced Cafè Au Lait.