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Pets From SFF We’d Adopt in a Heartbeat

In real life, we love our pets. In fantasy, the pets might be larger, dangerous-er, and/or undead, but the love remains! In celebration of the release of The Thousand Eyes by A. K. Larkwood in paperback, we’ve prepared this resource highlighting some of our favorite candidates for fantastical pet adoption from across all the many, many realms. 

Check it out!

Image Place holder  of - 60An Airborne Whale from A. K. Larkwood’s The Serpent Gates Duology

The Maze between worlds is a vast and interdimensional realm populated by abandoned ruins, weird space, and a vast swath of floating forest. Wanderers traverse this strange place in floating ships, and you’ll either need a reliable guide or a ship of your own if you want a chance at adopting a flying whale!

But we promise the hassle is worth it. An interdimensional whale that flies? That’s like the perfect companion.

The Thousand Eyes is on sale in paperback now!

Placeholder of  -47Edward and Bella from The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi

These two Kaiju are less lovebirds, and more love-giant monsters, but they do still have wings! It’s the hope of the Kaiju Preservation Society (KPS) that Edward and Bella (enormous, winged, occasionally plasma-venting) will pair off together and bolster the Kaiju population’s dwindled numbers. CAUTION: THESE ARE NOT BEGINNER PETS. Definitely start with a cat, or a dog, before taking on multiple Kaiju. But! To those experienced pet-owners out there, the love of a Kaiju is as colossal as they are <3

The Kaiju Preservation Society is on sale in paperback now!

Poster Placeholder of - 28Calliope from The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

“Calliope, a thing of evil, sat on the edge of his bed, black tail twitching as she watched him with bright green eyes. She started purring. In most cats, it would be a soothing sound. In Calliope,it indicated devious plotting involving nefarious deeds.”

Linus Baker is a caseworker in The Department in Charge of Magical Youth, and Calliope is his pet cat. Mischievous and quite imperious (but what cat isn’t?), Calliope isn’t actually up for adoption, but to pet-seekers looking for a temporary commitment, a brave cat-sitter could help Linus watch over her while he takes a much needed vacation! Hopeful applicants should be advised that Calliope’s friends are the magical children who live on Marysas Island, which does include the Antichrist. The House in the Cerulean Sea is on sale now!

Place holder  of - 29A Bone Dog from Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher

Not Bonedog. That excellently named osteo-creature belongs to Marra, but if you ask nicely, perhaps she’ll construct for you a bone dog of your very own! 

Every dog needs love, and it’s also true that this need for love extends beyond the grave. Enter Marra, convent-raised princess and occasional reanimator of skele-dogs. Like living dogs, bone dogs are also Very Good, and an ideal match for pet adopters looking for a deep and meaningful relationship. Dare we say, an adopter-adoptee bond that is not just skin deep. Nettle & Bone is on now!

Image Placeholder of - 74A Chasm Fiend from Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive

The Shattered Plains are a mazelike lattice of mesas where the armies of King Elhokar Kholin maneuver giant bridges to wage war against the Parshendi. Ravaged by High Storms of cosmic magic, the depths of the gorges between plateaus are no less dangerous. Here, aspiring pet owners looking for a challenge can find the dreaded chasm fiends! With chitinous armor stern enough to repel even the sharpest blade and crushingly tough pincers, these behemoth crustaceans may require dedicated training, but as any chasm fiend owner will testify, “AH! BY KELEK’S BREATH, IT’S TEARING APART MY HOUSE! LIVING HERALDS ABOVE!!” Rhythm of War is on sale now!

book-9781250854117Noodle from Nona the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

Her city is under siege. The zombies are coming back. And all Nona wants is a birthday party. In many ways, Nona is like other people. She lives with her family, has a job at her local school, and loves walks on the beach and meeting new dogs. But Nona’s not like other people. Six months ago she woke up in a stranger’s body, and she’s afraid she might have to give it back. The whole city is falling to pieces. A monstrous blue sphere hangs on the horizon, ready to tear the planet apart. Blood of Eden forces have surrounded the last Cohort facility and wait for the Emperor Undying to come calling. Their leaders want Nona to be the weapon that will save them from the Nine Houses. Nona would prefer to live an ordinary life with the people she loves, with Pyrrha and Camilla and Palamedes, but she also knows that nothing lasts forever. And each night, Nona dreams of a woman with a skull-painted face…

Nona the Ninth is on sale now!

Who is your favorite pet in SFF? Let us know in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Pets From SFF We’d Adopt in a Heartbeat

  1. Pickwick the Dodo from the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. Pok!

    The dust bunnies in the Harmony series by Jayne Castle (which are more romance than sci-fi, but they’re on a faraway planet with alien ruins so they count).

    And of course, Errol, Goodboy Bindle Featherstone of Quirm, and all the little dragons in Diskworld.

  2. Temple Dog like Mouse from The Dresden Files is not on the list!!!

    Who would want an Mountain Ice Demon from the Land of Dreams!?!?

  3. I second @Ellen W.’s vote for the dust bunnies. They are native to the planet colonized by humans and there’s lots of alien tech, ruins, and energy “ghosts” to go with the pyschic abilities evolving in the human settlers.

    Also, I vote–going old school–for all of the Terran animals who relocated with Hosteen Storm in Andre Norton’s “The Beast Master.” They’re as much team members as “pets” but as Norton was my first foray into SFF as a kid (yes I AM older than dirt, thank you), I fell in love in love with the great sand cat Surra, Baku the African Eagle, and Hing and Ho, the comic-relief yet very talented “thieving” meerkats.

  4. Pixel from THE CAT WHO WALKED THROUGH WALLS, etc; The Pirate from THE PUPPET MASTERS; Petronius The Arbiter (Pete) from THE DOOR INTO SUMMER. All Robert Heinlein cats.

    1. All the Heinlein cats and no Star Beast? Of course, in the case of Lummox, you may be the pet…

  5. When I was a kid I always wished I could have a couple of fire lizards (from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series). Whisper the giant, sometimes invisible moorcat from one of Terry Brooks’ early Shannara novels would also be a delightful pet for someone with a spacious home and large yard or, better, rural property.

  6. This may not count because it’s from a movie, but I love Zero from A Nightmare before Christmas. I second Mouse from the Dresden Files, though I’d probably go broke feeding him.

  7. Seconding the fire lizards. I always wanted some of those.

    And of course, who can forget the Luggage, from Discworld?

    1. I’ve wanted fire lizards for years! Or the miniature dragon in The Wizard’s Quandary would do.

  8. I want a treecat from Sphinix. A Pernese fire lizard would also be nice. So much smaller than a dragon.

  9. I’d like to second the Treecats from the Honor Harrington books, and add the Mabari hounds from Dragon Age, along with Gyrinxes, Warhammer 40k’s entry into the Treecats’ “psychic space kitty” territory.

  10. Oberon the Irish wolfhound from Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles; Mogget and the Disreputable Dog from Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series; and Temeraire!
    And all the little swamp dragons (especially Erroll) from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, not to mention Greebo. Would the Librarian count as a pet?

  11. I’d like to add Oberon the Irish wolfhound who communicates telepathically with Atticus, The Iron Druid (author Kevin Hearne).

  12. Ditto ditto on the Pernese fire lizards; since a couple of people have voted for Mouse, I will go with Mister, Dresden’s cat; and finally, Ponch, Kit’s excellent doggo from Diane Duane’s Young Wizard series (who broke my heart).

  13. Taggle, the cat, from Plain Kate by Erin Bow, is the most heartbreakingly devoted, wise and courageous companion.

  14. R.A.Salvatore’ s Gunthur , Dritz Do Urden’s panther from the asterail plain . Sorry bad spelling

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