Travis Baldree on Bookshops & Bonedust and Writing
bookshops & bonedust by travis baldree next to travis baldree himself from a visit to the tor offices

Travis Baldree on Bookshops & Bonedust and Writing

opens in a new windowbookshops & bonedust by travis baldreeBookshops & Bonedust is a story of high fantasy, first loves, and secondhand books. Set in the same world as Legends & Lattes, meet Viv in her sword-swinging mercenary days. Except it doesn’t look like she’ll be drawing a blade until she can finish her company-mandated recovery after a mission gone wrong. But even the sleepy town of Murk has more lurking adventure than Viv would have expected, and when can one ever anticipate affairs of the heart? 

A little while ago, Travis Baldree stopped by the Tor office to answer some questions about his upcoming work.

Check it out!

Did you originally intend to write another book in the Legends & Lattes universe?

What character are you most excited for readers to meet in Bookshops & Bonedust?

Who was your favorite character to write in Bookshops & Bonedust?

How did you approach writing a romance both you and readers know won’t be endgame?

What was the writing process like for this book? How did it differ from the first book?

What’s the most important thing you hope people take away from Bookshops & Bonedust?

Rapid Q&A

Order Bookshops & Bonedust Here:

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